Aimone talking
 Alias(es) Fratellone (by Antone)
 Nationality Italian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type A[1]
 Gender Male
 Age 28
 D.O.B. Around December 23 to January 20[2]
 Hair Color Brown orange
 Eye Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Chef
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Relative(s) Unnamed parents
Antone (younger brother)
Miyuki (possible future sister-in-law)
 Allies Julian, Joni, Mia, Emilia
 Enemies Antone (former enemy turned ally)
• Others•
 Like(s) Cooking, researching recipes, trying out foods, climbing mountains[3]
 Alignment Neutral, later good
• Debuts•
 Comics Kitchen Capers: Cooking

Aimone is the older brother of Antone and one of the main characters in Kitchen Capers: Cooking.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Born in an extremely wealthy and influential family in Italy. Aimone, along with his younger brother Antone, were trained and thought well in cookery and baking- skills which are heavily focused on in the family.

Kitchen Capers: Cooking Edit

Appearance Edit

Aimone is a tall man with a well-built structure. He has fair skin, brown-orange hair, beady eyes and also has a long and defined nose.

When first introduced in the series, Aimone had messy brownish-orange hair and mustache beard that covered up most of his face including his eyes. Later on after shaving off most of his facial hair, he shows off a face of a seemingly handsome young man; He has shorter hair and sharper features.

When he first made his debut, Aimone wears a navy blue hoodie (cap usually covering up his head) along with a matching pair of trousers and a black t-shirt/tank top inside. He is also seen carrying a dark green backpack.

Personality Edit

Aimone first appears as a strict and calm individual when he met Joni.

Abilities Edit

Cooking Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Antone Edit

Parents Edit

Miyuki Edit

Miyuki is Aimone's (possible) future sister-in-law.

Friends Edit

Joni Edit

Julian Edit

Mia and Emilia Edit

Other Media Edit

Candy Cuties Edit

Aimone, along with all characters are featured in the spin-off Candy Cuties series. Aimone appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.9

Trivia Edit

  • In the Candy Series official character stats, several information of Aimone are revealed:
    • Aimone's astrological sign is Capricorn, therefore his birthday falls between December 23 to January 20.
    • Aimone's favourite things are cooking and researching recipes.
    • Aimone's hobbies are climbing mountains and food tasting.

Aimone's character stats

References Edit

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  3. Aimone's likes in Character Information, see Trivia

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