Antone is a supporting character of Candy Series whom made his debut in Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet. He is an Italian chef whom migrated to Malaysia and opened a restaurant of his named "Candy Bakery".


Along with his brother, Aimone, Antone is born in a wealthy and influential family in Italy.

Physical Appearances

Antone is an Italian man around average height with hazel brown hair and light brown eyes. In Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet, his hair was slicked back and he wore a red scarf around his neck. In Kitchen Capers: Cooking, his hair was not slicked back but in the form of how his hair originally looked like. He did not wear the red scarf in this volume.

In the second volume (as stated above), Antone had a few facial hairs, however in the 19th Volume, Kitchen Capers, his facial hairs were gone.








Aimone is Antone's older brother which him addresses as "Fratellone". The two had a strained relationship with each other.





Love Interests


Antone is currently engaged to Miyuki.

See Antonyuki

Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 1.0

Antone, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. He is depicted as:

  • Baker

Candy Cuties

Antone along with all the other characters of Candy Series are featured in the Candy Cuties Series. Antone appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.7
  • Candy Cuties Vol.9


Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet

Kitchen Capers: Cooking

A Class Effort: Leadership

On Our Own: Self-Reliance

More Than Friends: Feelings


  • Antone has a seafood allergy which is the main reason why his family is against him being a chef.
  • In the official Candy Series characters' stats, it was revealed that Antone's astrological sign is Taurus, therefore his birthday falls between April 19 to May 20.
    • Antone's favorite things are cooking, baking and going to markets.
    • Antone's hobbies are baking desserts and pastries.
Antone 2

Antone's character stats


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