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Antonyuki (Anton/e and Mi/yuki) is a canon pair between Antone and Miyuki. They are introduced in More Than Friends: Feelings.

Relationship Edit

Miyuki admired Antone's bravery, handsome and skillful personality while Antone caught Miyuki on his eye because she is a loving and caring woman. They soon started to date, and later, got engaged.

Synopsis Edit

On Our Own: Self-RelianceEdit

More Than Friends: FeelingsEdit

Antone and Miyuki were at the hospital when they saw Candy JEM passed by. They thought they had a fever but Candy JEM said they came to the hospital just to visit Zara and Qistina. As they were in Zara and Qistina's room, Miyuki told everything about her injuries. Miyuki had the knife blade happened to cut her leg and got a deep cut. Joni felt scared about it - and Antone exclaimed it was his fault, not Miyuki's. They all were shocked when Antone was in Miyuki's kitchen. With their mouths open, Joni asks why Antone was in Miyuki's kitchen. Antone said they are dating, but Miyuki wanted it to be a secret, resulting in her running away in embarrassment.

Carly, a girl who was found out dating in public, was actually influenced by the adult's romance. This was a bad influence, and Jacob with Carly and Candy JEM, Alex, Anthony, Richard, Corey and Charles were also in the case. Mrs. Lawson was unexpected to hear about all of them dating, but the crews disagreed to Carly because she was making up stories. This causes Antone and Miyuki's relationship to get afar.

Later, Carly admitted that she was the one who dates and followed Miyuki and Antone's romance, and so, all the crews can finally re-unite back, including Antone and Miyuki. This got a happy ending. Later, Miyuki confesses to Antone and they decide to marry.

Evidence Edit

  • Miyuki and Antone were dating at the beginning of More Than Friends: Feelings.
  • They got engaged at the end of More Than Friends: Feelings.
  • Antone was seen blushing when Miyuki confessed to him.
  • Antone and Miyuki are very caring towards each other.
  • The pair are really happy with each other.
  • Miyuki frequently blushes when her relationship with Antone is mentioned.

Among the Fans Edit

Antonyuki is possibly one of the most shipped couple. The fans ship this couple might be due to the fact that Antone is very caring towards Miyuki while Miyuki treats him how he treats her or the pair looks good with each other. Currently, Antonyuki is the main focus of this one book:

Trivia Edit

  • Miyuki and Antone are shown to be dating, and later, engaged in the last page of More Than Friends.
  • This is the first pair to be seen dating, and later ended up getting engaged.

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