• Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Panel 1

    Anthony: Andrew, do you think this is a good idea?

    Panel 2

    Andrew: Relax big brother, it will be okay~

    Panel 3

    Anthony: But this is so...

    Panel 4

    Andrew: So what?

    Panel 5

    Anthony: Why da F*CK am I in a dress?!

    Andrew: Shall we dance, my princess?

    Charles & Joni: Hahaha!!!

    Mia & Emilia: Pfft...

    Richard: So cute~ I should capture it~

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Before starting this fanfic, I have something to notify you readers:

    1. The idea of this fanfic actually popped up in my mind when I was revising my homework. Before this I had written a fanfic about Hannah's birthday entitled "A Special Day". Go check out my original user page if you wish to read it!

    2. This fanfic contains major spoilers for those who haven't finished my Althony fanfic. I will spoil the most major spoilers: Andrew became a doctor in the end of my fanfic and he helped Alex to deliver Hannah.

    3. Some contents of this fanfic are inspired by the story of Naruto Gaiden where Sarada was born with Karin helping Sakura to deliver her. The similarities between Karin and Andrew in both of the stories are:

    • They both want their loved o…
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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Done with coloring. Spent 20mins on it (I anyhow color cuz I am in a rush for personal matters during then)

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  • Yamadachi Azusa

    THE NEW CS BOOK IS FINALLY ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDD Tho do any of you know how to read the Chinese name? I suck at Chinese

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  • Peeqachu

    Yes.. Yes... 

    I talk about Normilia a LOT. 

    What can I say? I'm obsessed.

    Norman is hugging Emilia because he was sad before, but Emilia cheered him up. ^_^


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  • Peeqachu

    Normilia Fanart

    July 19, 2017 by Peeqachu


    Hello! It's been a while since I've been on this website. What's up?

    I've noticed Norman isn't appearing in the comics anymore! That makes me kinda sad..

    I hope that they release a comic with Normilia again~

    Until then, here's a fanart of Normilia. Tiny Emilia and confused Norman.

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Okay!!! Here is the final product of my Althony ancient Egyptian artwork! Actually, I did a lot of research on the clothing worn by ancient Egyptians and I think it is quite easy to draw IMO. What kills me the most is the background, I had to draw out the hieroglyphs very carefully so it resembles the actual ones.

    The first drawing is basically:

    • A strict pharaoh (Anthony)
    • A kind queen (Alex)
    • A playful but annoying prince (Andrew)
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  • IzzabelleDeer

    HEY GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP! People in the community are not active! (Yep,its candy series related)

    The leader and curators are not active either :(((

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Since I am quite lazy in writing a full blog post of every CS books published, I think it is best if I just finish my review of all current CS books published in this blog post alone.

    I dont think any of u like to see me complain, so I just shortened my reviews for each books into 20 words or less.

    • Book 1 (Reaching 4 da Starz)- 10/10 (The one that started it all)
    • Book 2 (Healthy Pretty Gals)- 6/10 (I kinda wonder does Bobby have diabetes after eating that much...)
    • Book 3 (Everybody's fav amigo)- 7.5/10 (Gay-ish book yet! Nice to see Charles' debut)
    • Book 4 (Sparkles and Shine like Edward Cullen)- 6/10 (Holy Sh*t! Andrew's a frikin' sociapath in this!)
    • Book 5 (Style with Substance)- 7/10 (I honestly think those two ugly gals who "replaced" Zara and Qi…

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  • Yahiko Ryukai

    My dear online friends i wrote this blog to tell you all an announcement. I'm quiting the wiki. I know it's all of a sudden but pls don't be mad at me. I am not quite sure if i'm really quiting or not yet (i still have to decide) but for the time being...... i'll not be here. I'm already sad just thinking about it. So here i say my final (or not) goodbye :'(

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Hello, first off, this blog post of mine got nothing to do with Candy Series, nor am I gonna mention them. The purpose of creating this blog post is I hope to introduce you users to several media that I myself like and hope you will check them out. "several media" ranging from:

    • Anime/Manga
    • Cartoons
    • Movies

    This will going to be a lengthy list, so feel free to skip a few parts that does not interest u.

    I HAVE to start with this one since most of you here are anime fans.

    You like mystery, murder and romance? This anime is the right one for you: The story is about a young boy called Satoru who travelled back in time to stop the murder of his 3 elementary school classmates. Throughout the show, Satoru and one of his classmates, Hinasuki, bonded and b…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Welcome to this short fanfic about the 60 things you do not know of this fanfic!

    1. These 60 facts are completely fan-made and not considered canon in CS.

    2. Read at your own risk, as this fanfic might contain some spoilers for those who haven't read this fanfic.

    3. Lastly, sit back and enjoy it!

    1. When Anthony first met Alex, he thought that she is a girl but he is not sure about it until he cuts her hair.

    2. Anthony will always prepare food for Alex.

    3. Alex will always hug Anthony from his back when he is stressed, frustrated or in a bad mood and he seems to enjoy it.

    4. Alex's favorite flowers are sunflowers.

    5. Andrew will secretly take pictures of Anthony sleeping in a very funny way.

    6. Anthony has a photo of Alex and Hannah in his wallet. …

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  • Yahiko Ryukai

    I drew another Charley fanart (cause i dunno what else to draw). It's just a cute fanart where Corey teaches Charles his homework. So here it is.

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Recently I've been obsessed with ancient Egypt and I am planning to draw some Althony and Andrew arts about this glamorous empire ever existed! My choice of their roles is like this: I am going to draw them as pharaoh, prince and queen/princess. Who do you think suit the roles?

    A little historical lecture here: Pharaoh is the ancient Egyptian term for the king. The pharaohs of Egypt spent most of their lives preparing for their death, as ancient Egyptians consider death as a temporary interruption to life, so they will mummify the body of the dead. Normally only nobles and the upper class people were affordable to the expensive cost of mummification. The pharaohs of Egypt were allowed to have more than one wives, but only the chief wife was…

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  • I amAlice02

    Good night!

    June 5, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • Yahiko Ryukai

    This is a sneak peek of book 30 and also it's book cover! It's still unknown when the book is gonna release though.

    Warning: SPOILERS!!

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  • I amAlice02


    June 5, 2017 by I amAlice02

    I made this meme and its about my favorite couple! Corilia💕💖💘💝🎉🎊

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  • I amAlice02


    June 4, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • I amAlice02


    June 4, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • I amAlice02

    I made a meme

    June 4, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • I amAlice02

    Hey there!

    June 4, 2017 by I amAlice02

    I drew Mia!😊

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  • I amAlice02


    May 30, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • IzzabelleDeer

    Yoo BACK AGAIN!(But i gotta finish my althony fan art) I Made A Fanart For My Ship! CORILIA! This is my first time using "Anime/Human Bases",i dun kno if this is good or what ya said that thing cringe Credit goes to grangerpixel! (Thank you for the base!)Link to the base! :

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Alex wearing a revealing cheongsam while you know who's nosebleeding...

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Spent 30 mins on this. I do not have the right color to color Emilia's hair, so I used purple.

    The head is a little too big IMO, do forgive me.


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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    91. When does your "first time" take place?

    Alex/Anthony: Last month.

    92. Are you married at that moment?

    Anthony: Of course! What kind of person do you think I am?!

    SakuraBlossom (thinks to herself): A beast in bed...

    93. Which part of your body would you like to be kissed?

    Alex: Any part as long as the kisses are from Anthony...

    Anthony: (^////^)

    94. Which part do you like to kiss?

    Alex: His forehead.

    Anthony: Her lips and cheek.

    Andrew: Kiss me big brother~

    Anthony: 😡😡😡 (then hits Andrew on his head again)

    Andrew: Ouch...🤕🤕

    95. What are the things that make you feel the happiest when doing "that"?

    Anthony: Her sweet words and expressions...

    Alex: His domination???

    96. What are you thinking about when doing "that"?

    Anthony: About Alex...

    Alex: I can't thin…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    81. How do you think about rape?

    Alex/Anthony: Against the law.

    82. What is the most suffering part when doing "that"?

    Anthony: Incooperation...

    Alex: That feeling... is just so suffering...

    83. Where is the most exciting place you've tried to do "that"?

    Anthony: The living room.

    Alex: He doesn't want to pull the curtains!

    Anthony: I don't have time to do that~

    Alex: ...

    84. Does the passive one (Alex) requires to be the dominating one before?

    Alex: Nope, Anthony is too dominating...

    85. What is the reaction of the dominating one (Anthony)?

    Anthony: Continue to dominate.

    Alex: (////)

    86. Does the dominating one ever raped her?

    Anthony: That is immoral.

    Alex: But sometimes you will directly...

    Anthony: ...

    87. What is the passive one's reaction?

    Alex: Obey him…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Even though this book does not focus on any couples, I still think this is one of the CS books with the best drama beside book 20 and 23. The story is about when Candy JEM broke one of the science teacher's animal specimens, they received a punishment from the science teacher where they have to attend a 3 days 2 nights science camp that takes place in the school. By their surprise, Anthony and Richard also joined them and they are even shocked to find out that the 5 of them are the only participants of the camp!

    So, there are two new characters in this book. One is the science teacher. His name is 思益老师 (拼音:si yi lao shi, when I first saw him on the book's cover, he reminds me of Kabuto Yakushi, one of the antagonists in Naruto, as both of th…

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  • Aphrodite Belleza


    • This fanfic is written in a Third Person's Perspective.
    • This fanfic's genres are supernatural and a little bit of horror.
    • I changed Sofia's surname from "Kwek" to "Slyvari" because Slyvari sounds cooler and less awkward than Kwek.

    It was raining outside. The darkness of the outside world was in sharp contrast to the warm, dry and bright ambiance of the luxurious Slyvari's mansion. The main room was headed with lights as well as healthy fire. The servants of the house were setting up the decorations for the upcoming celebration- the ceiling was embedded with the finest streamers and the chandelier was placed as it shines across the vast carpet and the walls are hanged with animal taxidermy. Some would likely call this excessive or superfl…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    71. She has been raped! How will you do?

    Anthony: I'll kill the rapist!!!

    Alex: Kick him in the balls!

    72. When will you feel embarrassed when "making out"? Before or after?

    Anthony: Both...

    Alex: After... I get embarrassed everytime after doing "that"...

    73. One of your friends say: "Today I'm lonely, so if you don't mind, can we... 'Do that?'" What will you do?

    Anthony: Ignore her! I do not have this kind of immoral friends!

    Alex: Teach him a lesson, until he realise!

    74. Do you think your skills on bed are good?

    Anthony: Very good.

    Alex: Kinda?

    SakuraBlossom: Are you sure, Alex?

    Alex: (////)

    75. Do you think his/her skills on bed are good?

    Anthony: Not really...

    Alex: I think it's good enough! Btw, I'm a nurse! I know how to make you excited!

    Anthony: Y…

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  • Yahiko Ryukai

    Well, i could not read the book's blurb, but all i can say is this is a new book, it's about Rifia (and hygiene) and apparently Richard is pissed pff with Sofia. Anyways, i'm so excited!!! (The photo that i took is not so clear, but at least you can see it.)

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    61. Where are your sensitive parts?

    Alex: I'm not really sure...😕

    Anthony: Is it my ear? Or my waist? I'm not sure too...

    62. Where are his/her sensitive parts?

    Anthony: Her ear and her neck!

    Alex: His neck and the behind of his ear.

    SakuraBlossom: Hehehehe~ Anything else?

    Anthony: She is not really good at positioning herself...

    Alex: It is too difficult for me~

    63. Use a word to describe him/her when you are "making out".

    Anthony: A cute and innocent bunny~

    Alex: A hot and sexy beast...

    64. To be honest, do you like or dislike "making out"?

    Alex: I'm okay...

    Anthony: I like it (////)

    Andrew: Wow! Big brother, you really like "it"?!

    And then Andrew gets beaten up by Anthony...

    Andrew: 🤕🤕🤕

    65. When will you "make out" in normal situations?

    Anthony: When she …

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  • HootyHollyStrawberry

    Okay!!!!! First time drawing Corilia on computer!!!!

    SO don't judge.

    I'm terrible at drawing!!! ;_;


    Mia and Joni: HEE HEE >=)

    Emilia: >=(    /////I_I/////

    Corey: ? EH??? Why is Joni and Mia looking at us like that? And why are thay giggling like maniacs?

    Emilia: ///////I_I/////////// OMG OMG OMG 

    Corey: ?????????????? I don't understand... ;_;

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  • I amAlice02

    My fanart

    May 9, 2017 by I amAlice02
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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    51. Who is the dominant one and who is the passive one?

    Anthony: The dominant one.

    Alex: (nods while blushing)

    52. How will you decide?

    Anthony: Naturally.

    Alex: Anthony is so dominating that I cannot win him...

    SakuraBlossom: Hehehehehe (Lenny face)

    53. Are you satisfied with him/her?

    Alex: Yes...

    Anthony: I want to tie up Alex...

    SakuraBlossom: ???

    54. Where does your first time take place?

    Anthony: Our new house.

    Alex: And that's our wedding night...

    SakuraBlossom: Oh I see...

    55. How do you feel that time?

    Alex: (/////)

    Anthony: Very satisfying and very happy...(^//////^)

    56. How is his/her facial expression that time?

    Anthony: Very cute and innocent (starts to reminisce)

    Alex: Very... Wild? But he is so considerate...(////)

    Andrew: Hehehehehe...

    Anthony: 👿…

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  • HootyHollyStrawberry

    I know it looks bad....

    Anthony: Your outfit is against the school rules. Let me write down your name in this notebook which is filled 3/4 with your name.

    Charles: World why you so cruel to me... ;_;

    The end!!!! :)


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  • HootyHollyStrawberry


    May 8, 2017 by HootyHollyStrawberry


    So about Corilia....





    1. Who started crushing on who first?

    2. How did they both feel about each other at first?

    3. Why do they like each other? ( I mean, they have completely different personalities!!!!)

    Okay done I will add somemore if I have more questions.

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    This is a one-shot essay fanfiction circulating around the fact that Richard's mom is called a mistress. This is gonna be a rather dark fanfic u user shall soon read. Do leave a comment on how is my fanfic afterwards. Thanks~

    NOTE: This fanfic is all from Richard's Point Of View.

    As I sat in the classroom, unable to focus on the Math class, my brain replayed that same chaotic scene that I had witnessed that night. One salty tear rolled down my puffy, swollen cheek as I recounted yet again what had happened.

    As soon as the door slammed shut with a menacing bang, my eyelids fluttered open. I was the lightest sleeper I knew. The slam of the door startled me as I sat upright in my bed, my vision going blurry from the sudden motion. I could detect s…

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  • HootyHollyStrawberry


    Have you watched Underverse? It's pretty awesome!!!! The characters inside Underverse are Undertale Sans, Underfell Sans, Ink!sans, Error!sans, Underswap Sans, Underswap Chara, Underswap Papyrus, Cross!sans and Cross!Chara. Other characters that are yet to appear in this series are Outertale sans and Geno!sans from Aftertale.



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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    SakuraBlossom: Okay! The last 50 questions you all have been waiting for is here!

    Alex: Why?

    Anthony: Looks like she wants to...

    SakuraBlossom: It is R18 questions~

    Anthony: Are you sure you want to ask "those" questions?

    Alex: Why do you suddenly ask this?

    SakuraBlossom: Because I'm a pervert? Btw, you must answer them all~

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    This is the first time I've ever drawn CS characters cosplaying as Vocaloid characters! The KAITO costume for Anthony looks a bit weird as KAITO's costume is quite detailed and I almost died when drawing it.

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  • Yamadachi Azusa

    I drew Emilia as a maid cause there was nothing else to do lol I hope you like it

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    41. How will you solve an argument?

    Alex: He will give me a hug or kiss if I sulk after an argument...

    Anthony: She cannot resist my hugs and kisses☺️

    42. Do you still want to be together even though a thousand years later?

    Alex: (nods her head)

    Anthony: Yes! I want to love her forever!

    43. When you will feel being loved by him/her?

    Alex: When he wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me.

    Anthony: Everytime when she is by my side~

    SakuraBlossom: 😊😊😊

    44. When will you feel not being loved?

    Anthony: When she ignores me...

    Alex: No, it's not like that...

    SakuraBlossom: Speak out your mind, Alex~

    Alex: 😣😣😣

    45. How will you show your love for each other?

    Alex: Stand by him no matter what...

    Anthony: Help her and care for her unconditionally...


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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    31. You are suspecting him/her had eyes on another girl/guy! What to do?

    Alex/Anthony: ... ...

    32. Will you forgive him/her?

    Alex/Anthony: (Looks at each other)

    Anthony: I will only have my eyes on Alex forever! Really!

    Alex: (nods her head)

    33. He/She is late when you are going out for a date! How will you do?

    Alex: Wait for him patiently.

    SakuraBlossom: 😀😀😀

    Anthony: (^///////^)

    34. Which part of his/her body you like the most?

    Anthony: Her eyes.

    Alex: His hair.

    35. When moments do you think that he/she looks the sexiest?

    Alex: When he is sighing, smiling and having a pained expression when he is sick...

    Anthony: When she comes out of the shower... (/////)

    36. When you are together, when will you get nervous?

    Alex: (looks at him)

    Anthony: (//////) (heart r…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    21. What is your relationship now?

    Alex: ...

    Anthony: (0/////0)

    SakuraBlossom: Awww... Aren't you two just married?

    22. Where does your first date take place?

    Alex: In a shopping mall near my house.

    Anthony: I'm not really into shopping but I feel comfortable everytime I am beside her.

    Alex: He pretended to have a stomachache but he actually ran off to buy me flowers!

    Anthony: Just to make you happy... (^/////^)

    SakuraBlossom: OMG~ (wears her sunglasses)

    23. How was the atmosphere during your first date?

    Alex: I am okay but he was very nervous...

    Anthony: (0///////0)

    24. How far have you been to during your first date?

    Alex: Kissing...

    Anthony: I am so nervous that my breathing and heart rate kept increasing...(/////)

    SakuraBlossom: ^__^

    25. Where do you u…

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Joni Fanart

    April 7, 2017 by Aphrodite Belleza

    I had not drawn Joni before, here is my first attempt on drawing her~❤ I spent a total of 30 mins on both sketching and inking and coloring.

    • Faber Castell color pencils
      • Coral Pink for hair and eyes
      • Scarlet Red for T-shirt
      • Yellow for Necklace
      • Dodgerblue for jacket
      • Army green for trousers
      • Gray for shoes
    • 4B pencil
    • A 0.5 Micron03 art pen

    Joni is now my new favourite character now. I find her hair easier to draw than those long hair characters.

    Do leave a comment down below on how should I improve my fanart.

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    11. How do you call each other?

    Anthony: Alex-chan~

    Alex: Anthony.

    12. How do you wish to be called by?

    Alex: Anything will do if it's Anthony...

    Anthony: If it's about Alex, then everything will be alright...

    Andrew: No fair big brother!!

    Anthony: (glares again)

    Andrew: Please excuse me... Gotta go back to work!!!

    13. What animal best describes each other?

    Alex: An Arctic wolf, cold on the outside but warm in the inside.

    Anthony: A rabbit who is cute and sweet at all times~

    SakuraBlossom: I love Arctic wolves, they look so gorgeous. I love rabbits too! I want to feed them carrots~

    14. What gift will you give on each other's birthday?

    Alex: Anthony... you...

    Anthony: Alex...

    15. If you receive each other's gift, what will you wish to receive?

    Alex: (looks …

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  • Yahiko Ryukai

    Basically a fanart about Richard and Charles as party rockers, SkyBlu and Redfoo.

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    SakuraBlossom: Alright! The 100 Questions Challenge: Althony version starts right now!!! Let's start!

    1. What is your name?

    Anthony (says in a very cool manner): Anthony.

    Alex: Alexandra! But everyone calls me Alex for short.

    2. How old are you?

    Anthony: 21.

    Alex: 20.

    3. What is your gender?


    SakuraBlossom: Please calm down you two!

    4. What is your personality?

    Anthony: I dunno...

    Alex: Kind and caring...

    Andrew: No fair!!!

    Anthony: (glares at Andrew while cracking his knuckles)

    Andrew: See you later!!! (then runs away)

    5. Each other's personalities?

    Alex: He is strict and serious on the outside but kind and gentle deep inside him.

    Anthony: The same as she mentioned just now... She is kind and caring... (blushes madly)

    SakuraBlossom: Why I se…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Hello everybody! I am your host for today, SakuraBlossom! Now, today's topic will be: The 100 Questions Challenge!!! Let's give a round of applause for our guests for today! They are: Anthony aka Hygiene Monitor and Alex, the kindest and cutest girl in Candy Series!!!

    SakuraBlossom: Hello!

    Anthony: ... ...

    Alex: Hello Sakura-san! How are you today?

    SakuraBlossom: I'm fine! Alex, you are always so kind and considerate. Please take a seat. What do you like to have? Don't worry, it's someone's treat for you two!

    Anthony/Alex: Whose treat?

    Andrew (suddenly comes out of nowhere as a special guest): My treat!

    Alex: Thanks Andrew!

    Anthony: Excuse me Andrew?! I haven't promised you!

    Andrew: But big brother...

    Anthony: If you don't want to listen, I will...


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