Candy Meow FYI (For Your Information) is a section of several pages or a page after each chapter of each book that talks and discussed about the topics each books have installed. Before it is the Candy Meow Mailbox and after it, only in a few books, is the Candy Meow Chatroom and Candy Meow Q&A.


Other than Reaching For The Stars: Friendship, the Candy Meow FYI focuses on teaching readers several aspects of the topic each book has installed. For example, Brotherly Bother: Responsibility mainly focused on the topic Responsibility, hence the Candy Meow FYI page talked about several aspects of becoming responsible. Whereas for Reaching For The Stars, despite the topic stated is about Friendship, it mainly focused on Music.

Characters' Advice/Character Says

In several books, a small section of various characters giving advice and/or pointers to readers. A few noticeable characters are Candy Meow, Mia and Miss Miyuki.

Various Candy Meow FYI




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