Candy Meow Mailbox is a section of a page after each chapter of each book that focuses on Joni, Emilia and Mia's letters that they sent to Candy Meow. It is later accompanied with Candy Meow FYI and in several books, Candy Meow Chatroom.



The contents of each letter got something to do with the main situation or the aftermath of each chapter. Either of the Candy JEM members (or sometimes the supporting characters) would write a letter regarding to the chapter and the current situation evolving around the story.

A letter written by Candy Meow could be seen as a reply to the letters sent to it, the contents of the reply are how Candy Meow acknowledged the main point of the previous letter, as it tried to give advice on how to deal and handle the situation. The reply would normally end with Candy Meow's signature catchphrase "Meow~" .

"Dear Candy Meow: I have exciting news! Our school is going to have a bazaar and each class will be making a booth for it! The most creative and successful booth will win a 3-day and 2-night holiday package for all the students in the class! I'm really looking forward to the bazaar! We're aiming for that big prize! Hee Hee!"

— A prime example of one of the letters of Joni writing to Candy Meow in "A Class Effort: Leadership"[1]

"Dear Miss Joni: What fun! Bazaars attract many people, so it's sure to be lively! To win the big prize, you and your classmates will have to work very hard to prepare your booth and make it the highlight of the bazaar! I'm sure you can do it if you all work together! Go For it! Meow~"

— Candy Meow replying to Joni in "A Class Effort: Leadership"

Candy Meow's 5-Minute Class

Base on the context of the letters, a lesson (or a 5-minute class) is conducted by Candy Meow evolving around certain related topics to the story.

Various Candy Meow Mailbox



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