Candy Town is a cafe selling noticeably beverages and food. It made its first appearance in Caught in the Net: Technology.

Staffs Edit

The waiters wear eggwhite blouses covered with a plain brown apron. A female waiter was seen to wear a white ruffled headpiece.

A man, supposedly one of the waiters, is a tall and well-built man with dark skin, red rectangular lense glasses, black hair that is slicked up and a handlebar moustache with similar clothing to the other waiters.[1]

Archiecture Edit

Exterior Edit

Candy Cafe interior

The interior design of Candy Town Cafe.

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Synopsis Edit

Caught in the Net: Technology Edit

Tiny Terror: Manners Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Candy Town Cafe is an adaptation of Old Town Cafe, a popular restaurant chain found in Malaysia.

References Edit

  1. Caught in the Net: Technology, page 48

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