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Everybody's Favorite Friend: Amity

Sparkle and Shine: Hygiene

When Anthony praised Mia as a very clever girl while making her blush, Charles suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said that he would not let Anthony steal Mia away from him. When Anthony saw Charles, he immediately said that Charles' outfit was not school material and asked him his name. When Charles was about to tell Anthony his name, Joni then said that he was Chuuni. Anthony then claimed that Charles' name was very weird. Charles immediately told him that his name was not Chunni and told him not to be scared when he told Anthony his real name. He then said that his name was Cerberus • F • Lucifer The Fourth while Anthony wore a face of confusion which Charles mistook as a face of terror.

Style with Substance: Savvy

When Charles heard that Candy JEM wanted to find a male model partner and was starting a discussion, Charles was thought that Mia was going to mention him. But she picked Anthony and Corey to be male model partners. At first, Charles waited for Mia to mention him. But after 3 times of waiting Charles began to worry if Mia had actually forgotten him. So he disguised as a passer-by, a salesperson and a tree. But Mia still did not seem to recognise him. He then decided that he was going to use his last trick. He then disguised himself as himself but with a cap and different type of shirt while returning 'Mia's money' to her hoping that she would recognise him. But even with a costume that was so obvious, Mia still failed to recognise that he was Charles. This made Charles very upset and ended up crying. When he cried, then she only realised that he was Charles. But Charles hav had enough and ran away crying while saying he hated Mia. Mia then ran to the playground and found Charles. She apologised to him while he accepted her apology. He then said that he did not mind if Mia did not want him to be her model partner. She then said that she wanted him to be her model partner but was too scared to ask him. After the conversation, Charles finally agreed to be her model partner.

Caught in the Net: Technology

When Candy JEM had difficulty to exchange the box back from Dennis, Emilia thought of a plan. Emilia told Mia to say that she was very troubled while Mia following in suit. Charles then appeared at Mia's side and asked her what got her very troubled and told her that he would help her with anything. Emilia then pulled Charles and whispered in his ear. Charles then went to Dennis and told him to exchange the box with his box. Dennis then asked if Charles was the box's owner. Charles then said that he was the box's owner. Dennis then said that he was disgusting while exchanging the box with him and left leaving Charles angered and confused. Emilia then remembered what was in the box and apologised to Charles in her mind and said that she would repay him nicely while Mia telling Charles not to worry about what Dennis called him.

Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility

Happy Holidays!: Travel

Charles along with Corey, Sofia, Mikael and Candy JEM went on a trip with Irwin to Langkawi.

Girls on Guard: Self-Defense

Top of the Class: Academics

Charles could be seen stalking Mia behind a tree.

Starstruck!: Fandom

When Mia said that C-Daigon was very important to her to Joni and Emilia, they heard someone crying. They then turned around to see Charles crying. Charles then asked Mia that was he not important to her while Mia replied that he too was very important to her. Charles thought that she was going to confess to him but got shocked when Mia said that when she was with him, she would feel on how it was to be lonely. Charles then got angry and said that he and Mia would 'breakup' while he ran away crying while cursing her.

Seasons of Blossom: Growing Up

My Little Secret: Privacy

Charles appeared hiding behind a bush in Emilia's mind.

Yes, You Can!: Optimism

Little Ladies: Courtesy

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

When asked by Mia what was Charles' ambition, he answered that he wanted to be an architect. He then said he wanted to become an architect because he wanted to build a house for him and his loved ones. Emilia somehow knew where this was going and dragged Mia away while leaving Charles to say that they were so unfair.

Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

Kitchen Capers: Cooking

When Joni gave more of her salad since Mia said that she 'loved' Joni's salad, Charles came out from the bushes and told Mia that no matter what he would always protect her. He then turned to Joni and told her to give him all the salad. After eating all of Joni's cooking, he fainted alongside Corey.

Tiny Terrors: Manners

A Class Effort: Leadership

On Our Own: Self-Reliance

Rules of Popularity: Reputation

More Than Friends: Feelings

Carly claimed that he and Joni were a couple. They then got angry and Joni asked Carly in what way do they look close.

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility

Fruits of Friendship: Nutrition

Charles could be seen hiding behind a bush, looking at Candy JEM, Anthony and Alex while eating noodles.

Athletic Ace: Sports

Charles could be seen in the school hall, calling himself Corey's buddy and also had a look of awe when their headmaster told them that whatever competition Corey had participated, he had won the trophy.

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement

Spick & Span: Cleanliness

Joni mentioned Charles' name when Hansel tried flirting with Mia. Joni stated that he should be careful when being with Mia because her 'Secret Protector' would 'harm' him.

Stress-Busters: Stress Management

When he, Corey and Candy JEM were eating some pastries in Candy Bakery, he told Mia that even though he was very grateful to Emilia who had taught him his homework, Mia would always be his one and only 'angel'.

Be True, Be You: Interests




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