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Healthy Pretty Girls: DietEdit

Corey saw Emilia and Mia not exercising and told them to exercise. He saw Emilia faint after his ball almost hit her and brought her to his house as his mother owns a clinic.

Sparkle and Shine: HygieneEdit

Style with Substance: Savvy Edit

He was Emilia's partner in a contest.

Caught in the Net: TechnologyEdit

Hamlet's Keeper: ResponsibilityEdit

Happy Holidays!: TravelEdit

Corey along with Sofia, Charles, Candy JEM and Irwin went to Langkawi for a vacation.

Girls on Guard: Self-DefenseEdit

Top of the Class: AcademicsEdit

Emilia said that sitting with Carmen was better than sitting with the monkey boy (which what Emilia called Corey). Corey's friends started laughing at him.

Starstruck!: FandomEdit

He spat out his drink when he saw Joni in a dress. Later, he was seen choking on his drink.

My Little Secret: PrivacyEdit

He read Emilia's diary along with Mia and Joni.

Yes, You Can!: OptimismEdit

Little Ladies: CourtesyEdit

Keeping You Waiting: Time ManagementEdit

Dreams Take Flight: AmbitionEdit

Corey was one of the few people that was asked by Joni to share their future ambition with her, Corey briefly explained that he wished to grow up to be a basketball player and represent the nation during future Olympics; win medals at the Olympics.

Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing UpEdit

Kitchen Capers: CookingEdit

Emilia forced Corey to eat Joni 's food and he fainted along with Charles . Later he was one of the judges in the cooking competition.

A Class Effort: LeadershipEdit

He was the treasurer along with Harry

On Our Own: Self-RelianceEdit

Corey was paired up with Joni. Later he and Joni went to Dave's house looking for food. He then brought food over to Dave's house and tried to help him save the strawberrires. 

Rules of Popularity: ReputationEdit

When Richard came to Class 5A, several of the males in the class insist that Corey is the person Richard was looking for. However, the whole class, including Corey, bolted from the blue after Richard dropped the bombshell; revealing that his actual purpose of coming to their class was to retrieve his jersey from Sofia.[1]

More Than Friends: FeelingsEdit

He and Emilia were claimed a couple by Carly. Later, he was seen spying on Candy JEM and Alexandra.

Brotherly Bother: ResponsibilityEdit

He suddanly popped up bahind Norman while laughing, saying that Norman's grandmother was funny. Later, he accompanied Candy JEM to Norman's house.

Fruits of Friendship: NutritionEdit

He appeared at the end of the book asking what everybody was eating.

Athletic Ace: Sports Edit

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement Edit

He helped Charles to study and later tried to stop Derek from hitting Charles.

Spick & Span: Cleanliness Edit

Stress-Busters: Stress Management Edit

Be True, Be You: Interests Edit

Saving A Spendthrift: Money Management Edit

Trainee Trouble: Perseverance Edit

Trivia Edit


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