Denilia (Den/nis and Em/ilia) is a former semi-canon pairing between Dennis and Emilia.



Caught in the Net: Technology


  • Dennis mistook Emilia for Aquacat, whom is a long lost online friend of his. Hence, mistook her as Aquacat and even hugged her, indicating how intimate Dennis' relationship is with Aquacat (Carmen).
  • In order to get Dennis to change his behavior and become more sociable with his classmates, Emilia took the identity as Aquacat.
  • During the period of time when Dennis still thought Emilia as Aquacat, he tend to become closer to her by talking to her when he has the chance.

Among The Fans

Denilia is not really shipped much by fans, since the two had ended their relationship. But it still has a number of supporters. It rivals with the couples Carnis, Corilia and Normilia.




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