Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Age 12
 Hair Color Maroon
 Eye Color Black
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Elite Minds Academy
 Occupation Student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Love Interest(s) Mia (implied; formerly)
 Allies His wingmen
 Enemies Charles, anybody who are friends with Charles
• Others•
 Like(s) Bullying Charles (formerly), Mia (sometimes; formerly), getting Charles into trouble (formerly)
 Dislike(s) His plans foiled/failed
 Alignment Bad
 Goal(s) To make Charles look bad in front of his friends (failed)
• Debuts•
 Comics The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement

Derek is an antagonist of Candy Series. He made his debut in The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement.

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Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Derek's past except for the fact that he and his wingmen got bullied by Charles before.

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement Edit

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Derek is a plump boy around average height with maroon hair and thick eyebrows. He also has beady black eyes and a large nose.

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