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Elite Minds Academy Headmaster is the headmaster/principal of Elite Minds Academy, he made his debut in Athletic Ace: Sports as a spectator of the Badminton competition between Asuka and Corey.

History Edit

The headmaster's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances Edit

The Elite Minds Academy headmaster resembles the headmaster of Sacred Hearts Primary School. He is a short, stumpy man with black afro and a thick handlebar moustache. He wears a red and white tracksuit.

Personality Edit

Not much was known about the headmaster's personality, but he was shown to be a rather competitive and confident man, having faith that the representative of his school would defeat the one of Sacred Hearts Primary School.

Synopsis Edit

Athletic Ace: Sports Edit

During the school's 35th competition with Sacred Hearts Primary School, the Elite Minds Academy headmaster was ordered to shake hands with the headmaster of Sacred Hearts as a sign of good sportsmanship. The Elite Minds Headmaster then suggested that after 35 years of losing to Sacred Hearts, the competition they were about to have might be his school emerging triumphant instead. This soon spiralled into an argument between the two headmasters, as they called the opposite to not regret.[1]

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Headmaster of Sacred Hearts Primary School Edit

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References Edit

  1. Athletic Ace: Sports, page 69

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