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Joni is Emilia's best friend whom she befriended during their time when practising for the school's singing competition. Despite Emilia's serious and well reserved attitude and Joni's flightiness and optimism, which occasionally led to personality clashes between the two, they held a mutual respect for each other.

Emilia and Joni used to see each other as enemies as Emilia was once friends with Sofia, Zara and Qistina, whom often teases Joni and Mia. From Emilia's perspective, she sees Joni as an airhead and dense person, thus often likes to pinpoint on Joni's flaws and wrongdoings. She frequently loses her patience and tries to correct her whenever Joni does or say something illegitimate and/or dumb; doing so is to (comically) spank her on her head or teach her a lesson or both. Emilia also have a short fuse over the actions that Joni does, this could be shown when she did not hesitate to reprimand [1]and later dismissed her from their group[2] when Joni failed to take proper care of a morning glory plant, which was a linchpin of the given group project.
Emilia reprimanding Joni

Emilia angry at Joni's lack of responsibility

Despite so, Emilia put aside their compelling attitudes, and seldomly faced problems when working alongside Joni. An example was when they teamed up when trying to mend the ties between Mia and Charles' friendship.[3] Emilia also bears worrisome towards Joni's isolation from her and Mia, mistaking that she was neglecting her, this shows that Emilia treasures her friendship with Joni and do not want their friendship to end.[4]


Same situation as Joni's, Emilia once possessed a mutual dislike towards Mia because of Emilia being friends with Sofia, Zara and Qistina. This changed and Emilia started to get on better terms with Mia and even has slight admiration for her, thus becoming close friends.



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Due to the fact that Carmen and Emilia are competitors when it comes to academic studies, the two showed hostility towards one another and when Emilia said that the internet has a lot of benefits, Carmen challenged Emilia to change Dennis' addiction to the computer to prove that her sayings were true. They then continued to compete on which learning method was more effective.

Carmen and Emilia's rivalry

Competition between the two

But after the events of Caught in the Net: Technology, the two had put down their rivalry and displayed a friendlier demeanor towards one another, as shown when Emilia shook hands with Carmen and openly congratulated her when Carmen got the first place in class.

Emilia and Carmen shake hands

Emilia and Carmen put aside their rivalry and became friends






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Emilia formerly had a crush on James when they were in kindergarten.

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