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Benny, formerly known as Hamlet by Joni, is a guinea pig owned by an unnamed lady and formerly owned by Joni. It made its first appearance in Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility.


Hamlet (or Benny for his real name) is a cavy/guinea pig that is originally owned by an unnamed lady. Benny and another female cavy, Bonnie, are mates. Ever since Benny was lost, Bonnie refused to eat and the lady who owned both of them is really worried.


Benny is a relatively large American guinea pig (assumed type) with a well rounded body and short legs. It has a tuft that jut upwards right above its forehead.



Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility


  • The name that Joni had given to Benny, Hamlet, is a reference to the title character, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, one of William Shakesphere's tragedies: Hamlet.
  • Base on Benny's fur colour, it might either be an American guinea pig or a Texel guinea pig.



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