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Helping Paws Animal Shelter is a local animal shelter that is currently owned by Irwin.


Not much is known about the animal shelter's history, however it is mentioned that their family's animal shelter was built for stray and abandoned animals.



There is seen to be various kinds of animals in the shelter, however the most noticeable animals in the shelter are:

  • Toro (Chincilla)
  • Hamlet (Guinea Pig/Cavy; former)
  • Alpacas
  • Horses
  • Rabbits

Comic Appearances

Book 1-12

Book 13-25

Book 26 onwards




Schools Sacred Hearts Primary SchoolElite Minds AcademyNational Athletic Training SchoolHappy Nursery School
Stores & Shops Liu GroceryVersailles HavenSeven Twelve
Bakery and Restaurants Sweet BakeryCandy Bakery
Others Helping Paws Animal ShelterShun Clinic

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