"You told me when you study science, you will no longer be scared. And I've held on to your words. They gave me strength."

Hansel to Mr. Silas in Facing Our Fears: Superstitions

Hansel is a minor character who made his debut in Facing Our Fears: Superstitions. He is a mysterious student who is always seen roaming in the school at night.

History Edit

Hansel was born with porphyria, a disease which causes the host to develop rashes on the skin if the host is exposed to sunlight. Hence, during his time in school, Hansel often stayed out of activities that involves getting exposed to the sun, resulting in him being shunned and mocked by schoolmates as they nicknamed him a "vampire". One day, he tried to befriend some boys who were playing football by asking if he could join them. The boys said that they would play with him if he came under the sun. He ignored his mother's warning and after playing under the sun, his illness worsened and he was forced to quit school.

On his last day of school, when his mother was filling School exit forms, Mr. Silas passed by and asked him what was going on. He then said that it was his last day of school and Mr. Silas advised him that as long as he was in school, he must study. Mr. Silas then attempted to take off his mask but he refused by saying if he did not hide his face, he will turn into a vampire. Mr. Silas reassured him by telling him that vampires do not exist. When Hansel was suspecting Mr. Silas' words, he asked him on whether he liked science or not. He told Hansel that when he studied science, he would no longer be scared. Mr. Silas' words gave him strength and he would sometimes sneak in the classroom to see him teach.

Physical Appearances Edit

Hansel is a preteen with ash grey hair styled as a bowl-cut, grey eyes and pale complexion. He wears a black hooded cape.

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During Hansel's debut, he was portrayed as an emotionless and anti-social person, often not willing to participate in activities with his schoolmates that involves getting exposed to the sun. Hence, Hansel distanced himself from others and often loiter around obscure and/or dark places in school. After he befriended Candy JEM, Anthony and Richard, Hansel developed a happier demeanor, as he tends to offer help whenever he sees them in need. An example was when he offered help to clean up the Science Lab for them.

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Hansel somewhat developed a certain degree of respect to the school's Science teacher Mr. Silas, ever since the teacher had said words of encouragement to the latter. Hansel's admiration for him, however, resulted in him sometimes stalking Mr. Silas around.

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Spick & Span: Cleanliness Edit

He, Richard, Anthony and Candy JEM helped Mr. Silas to clean the science lab.

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