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James is a minor character in the Candy Series. He made his debut as an antagonist in Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet and his second appearance as a minor character in Athletic Ace: Sports. He once held a liking towards his former pre-school classmate Emilia (present timeline), but soon lost his feelings after a humiliating defeat from Corey in a badminton match.


When James was in pre-school, he was popular among his classmates for his fine looks, and even Emilia (whom is fat during that time) was known to have a crush on him.

Physical Appearances

James is a well-built man of average height. He has long, messy blonde hair that covers up the right side of his face. He has fair skin, blonde eyebrows and blue eyes with the bottom eyelashes being longer than the upper ones.

In Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet, James wore a black polo shirt with a red trim located at the sides of his collar and its suspended area. Red arm straps are located at the area of his biceps. In addition, the right side of his shirt is endowed with fiery designs. And suspended around the upper part of his shirt is a colored grayish mauve jacket that he uses as a cape. He was also seen wearing black fingerless gloves with red ends that matches his shirt. Lastly is a pair of orange-yellow shorts with white highlights (probably the pocket areas) on the sides.

In Athletic Ace: Sports, however, James's attire was changed, he wore a grayish hoodie with matching black jeans[5].












Healthy Pretty Girls: Diet

Athletic Ace: Sports

James called Corey to inform him that he was the person who was going to compete with him in the badminton competition.[6]

He was soon shown to be sulking and even scolded Emilia because he wanted to be in alone since he had been replaced by Asuka.[7]


  • In the official Candy Series characters' stats, several information of James were revealed:
    • James' blood type is O.
    • Jamems's astrological sign is Leo, therefore his birthday falls between July 23 to August 22.
    • James' favorite things are beautiful things, which is somewhat related to himself. His hobby is badminton.

James' character stats


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