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Jonkael (Jon/i and Mi/kael) is a semi-canon pairing between Joni and Mikael.


Joni and Mikael have a specially close and strong chemistry with each other.

Mikael first met Joni when he was coaching Candy JEM for a singing contest. Mikael was known to be a bit sensitive to Joni as he has feelings for Joni. Whereas for Joni, her feelings towards him are relatively unknown.

Mikael was shown to be rather jealous towards Joni. He rushed to Langkawi after seeing Joni, Mia, Emilia, Sofia, Corey, Charles and Irwin take a group photo together. Another time was when Irwin told him he and Joni were really good friends. Joni also told Mikael that Irwin was a really good vet and smart and that he was also caring and gentle towards the animals. He also got jealous when Steve said that he was best friends with Joni. He was also shown to be rather protective towards Joni. An example was when Joni had indigestion and he and Irwin cried out in Unison and asked if she was alright. He also tried to save Joni even though he does not know how to swim.

Sometimes Mikael's feelings for Joni are deep. One example was when Joni was singing with Irwin and Julian, he thought to himself that he was immature and should have replaced Joni without a second thought. When Steve and Joni were feeding the animals, he had never seen Joni looking that happy when she was singing and he admitted that although he may have met Joni first, he had to admit that Joni is a lot happier around Steve.

He comes as close as revealing his feelings to Joni in Book 24.


Reaching For The Stars: Friendship

Joni met Mikael when he was sitting on the tree, secretly listening to Candy JEM singing. He then revealed himself to them and said that their singing almost made him fall off the tree.

Style With Substance: Savvy

Joni asked Mikael to be her model partner for Iris.

Happy Holidays!: Travel

Mikael immediately flew to Langkawi when he saw the picture that Joni sent to him.

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

More Than Friends: Feelings

Joni said that he along with Steve was her confidant.

Spick & Span: Cleanliness

Be True, Be You: Interests


  • Mikael has a crush on Joni. This was shown when he almost tried to confess his feelings to her. But it is not fully confirmed whether Joni has feelings for him or not.
  • Mikael sometimes tries to make Joni jealous but fails in the end.
  • In More Than Friends: Feelings, when Mia told Joni that if people mistakenly thought that Joni and Mikael were a couple, it would not matter since they were so close to each other. This statement made Joni blush while saying she never thought about that.
  • In Reaching for the Stars: Friendship, when Mia asked Joni if she liked Mikael, Joni blushed while protesting.
  • In Happy Holidays!: Travel, Joni blushed when Mia said that she woke up earlier because she was excited to go to the Sky Bridge with Mikael.

Among The Fans

Jonkael is one of the most shipped couple in Candy Series. This pairing is supported because the pair shares a close friendship and good chemistry. Another reason might be that this relationship has a love triangle in it. The pair has appeared in a few of Candy Factory's artwork. Currently, the pair is the main focus in these five books in sequence:

Jonkael rivals with Stoni, which is a pairing between Steve and Joni and Miakael, which is a pariring between Mia and Mikael.

Other Media

Candy Cuties

Jonkael along with a few Candy Series couples appear in some Candy Cuties book. Jonkael is featured in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.1
  • Candy Cuties Vol.7




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