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Joshro (Josh/ua and Ro/bin) is a semi-canon pairing between Joshua and Robin.


When Joshua and Robin were kids, they used to play basketball together and they had a close relationship. Joshua always defended Robin from being bullied when they were kids. But one day on Robin's birthday, she wore a beautiful dress to her birthday party. Since that day, Joshua started to avoid her and he became cold towards her. When she asked him why he was acting cold towards her, he said that girls were troublesome and they were no longer friends. Robin was deeply hurt and she started to cut her hair short and wore boyish clothes in order to become friends with Joshua again.


Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

More Than Friends: Feelings

The relationship between the two was mentioned by Corey when he was talking about the friendships between boys and girls in this book.


  • Joshua blushed and said that Robin looked like a doll when he saw Robin wearing a dress at her birthday party when they were still kids.
  • Joshua and Robin have been close friends since childhood.
  • Joshua tries to protect Robin from any harm.
  • Joshua regretted his decision on not becoming friends with Robin.
  • Robin and Joshua always walk together.
  • In More Than Friends: Feelings, Corey stated that he knew a few people who always look out for each other and help them whenever they are in need, Robin and Joshua are one of the few that has such a relationship.[1]

Among The Fans

Joshro is possibly one of the most shipped couples since both of them contains feelings for one another. Joshro's relationship is currently focused on this one book:



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