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Joshro (Josh/ua and Ro/bin) is a semi-canon pairing between Joshua and Robin.



Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up

More Than Friends: Feelings

The relationship between the two was mentioned by Corey when he was talking about the friendships between boys and girls in this book.


  • Joshua blushed and said that Robin looked like a doll when he saw Robin wearing a dress at her birthday party when they were still kids.
  • Joshua and Robin have been close friends since childhood.
  • Joshua tries to protect Robin from any harm.
  • Joshua regreted his decision on not becoming friends with Robin.
  • Robin and Joshua always walk together.
  • In More Than Friends: Feelings, Corey stated that he knew a few people who always look out for each other and help them whenever they are in need, Robin and Joshua are one of the few that has such a relationship.[1]

Among the Fans

Joshro is possibly one of the most shipped couples since both of them contains feelings for one another. Joshro's relationship is currently focused on this one book:



  1. More Than Friends: Feelings, Page 58


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