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Joshua is one of the minor characters in Candy Series. He is the leader of the Bad Bullies with Bad Reputation, with the triplets and Robin as the Bad Bullies' member.


Joshua and Robin were friends in Kindergarden before. But then in his birthday party he blushed when he saw Robin looking cute and pretty. When his friends realised this, they teased him hence making him embarassed and angry. Soon, he told Robin that he was not friends with her anymore.

Physical Appearance

Joshua has hazel brown hair with narrow black eyes, and his clothes change throughout the comics regularly.


When first introduced, Joshua is a rude, loud and sadistic person. Infamous in school for him terrorizing his schoolmates and his (sometimes) unprovoked aggression, he represents as a stereotypical school bully.

Joshua is also shown to be quite sexist, as he shows disdainfulness and prejudice towards the opposite sex. And believed that "flat-chested women only do household chores", as what he said to Candy JEM and Alex. He also showcased a revengeful and competitive side, going as far as mocking students, even those with high profiles in school like Anthony, by holding wagers in attempt to seek embarrassment from the competitors. Joshua is quite arrogant as well, often boasting about his superiority as a strong male in his school.

However, Joshua did display some degree of morals in the later part of his appearance. Mostly because of his punishments and lessons he had received from Anthony and the school. His personality changed considerably; being much more solemn and completely devoid of emotion. Though exemplified when Robin slapped and reprimanded him for his disputes.

Joshua displayed a much softer side during his final appearance in book 18. As he put aside his tough nature and his prejudice against women and wears his heart on his sleeve and openly cried when he is overcome with grief while hugging Robin.



Unnamed triplet bullies

Love Interests


See Joshro.


Candy JEM






Boys & Girls Rule!: Growing Up


  • In the official Candy Series characters' stats, several information of Joshua are revealed:
    • His astrological sign is Leo, therefore, his birthday is between 23 July to 22 August.
    • Joshua's blood type is O.
    • Joshua does not like anything.
    • His hobbies are playing basketball and video games.

Joshua's character stats


  1. Joshua's character profile
  2. Joshua's character profile
  3. Joshua's character profile


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