Julian is one of the supporting characters of Candy Series and the older brother of Joni. He made an early bird cameo in Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility and his official debut in Top of the Class: Academics.


When Julian was still little, he made a decision to be a lawyer when he became older. This was because when he was 11 years old, Irwin somehow surprised him with a frog during a camping trip hence making him scared and shocked. It ended up with him crying and told his teacher what Irwin did to him. But since it was a small incident and was not done on purpose, the teacher dismissed it and even laughed at it.

This made Julian feel that this is unfair, so he decided to become a lawyer when he grows up in order to judge people fairly.

Physical Appearances

Julian is a relatively tall person in the model of a fine young man. He has messy pink hair (which he inherited from his mother) and black irises. His eyebrows are usually portrayed as red on the book covers, but sometimes pink or black in the comic. Julian was often seen wearing normal street clothes and hoodies.

Julian is also described to be rather attractive, as Joni's classmates were all surprised that her older brother is a handsome young man.


Julian appears as a matured, serious and calm individual. He has a habit of teasing and pranking his little sister, Joni and occasionally attempts to pester her whenever he sees flaws or possible impacts in her actions. He is occasionally seen (comically) smacking Joni whenever he is annoyed with her.

Julian is also assumed to be a rather aloof and distant person, and occasionally tends to stay at home or go out on his own. A running gag in the series is that Joni often teases him for not having many friends and him not having a girlfriend.

Despite his maturity and seriousness, there are still some occasions (used as a form of comic relief) where he reverts to his childish and prideful behavior. One noticeable time was in Starstruck!: Fandom, when he was shown to be quite prideful for his looks- supported by the fact that Joni's classmates (especially Jane) were all awed by his fine appearance. Another time was when he ordered numerous dishes when Irwin invited him for dinner and him knowing that the latter was the one who was paying for the food.

Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 2.0

Julian, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. He is designed as:

  • Guitarist
  • Kendoka

Candy Cuties


Mental Intellect


  • In Dreams Take Flight: Ambition, Julian revealed that being a lawyer in the future is his ambition.
  • In Kitchen Capers, it is revealed that Julian's favorite fruit is banana[8], as mentioned by Joni who put bananas in her fruit jelly.
  • In the official Candy Series characters' stats, several information of Julian are revealed.
    • it was revealed that Julian's astrological sign is Leo, therefore his birthday falls between July 22 to August 22.
    • Julian's blood type is O.
    • Julian's favorite things are accessories and the latest trends.
    • Julian's hobbies are dressing up, reading, pranking his sister and eating snacks.
  • It is assumed that Julian is around 18-20 years old, as that is the average age to attend a university.
  • Julian is ranked ninth in the 2014 Candy Series characters popularity poll.[9]
  • Julian's eyebrows are red on the book covers, but in the comics, it appears as pink or black.

Julian's character stats


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