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Lily is the older cousin of Sofia and the main antagonist in Style With Substance: Savvy. She is currently studying in a local fashion design school.


Ever since they were little, Lily was the one responsible with Sofia's bratty and spoilt nature. It was shown when Lily influenced Sofia 'not to mingle with peasants' as the two of them belong to the rich society, and thought it is right to look down on the poor.[1]

During Lily's college years, she was known to be the weathiest student in her class. Throughout her school days she was known for secretly buying other people's clothing designs until getting caught by Iris, who then reported Lily's wrongdoings to their school's professor. In the end, Lily was forced to retain and develops a hatred towards Iris ever since.[2]

Physical appearance


Lily's initial appearance

Lily is a young, teenage woman with long, wavy coral pink hair gathered on the back of her head, coral pink eyes and a mole on the left side of her chin. Lily bears a curvaceous body and has striking resemblance with her aunt (Sofia's mom), and younger cousin Sofia.

Additionally, Lily does not consistently wear the same type of outfit. However, Lily seemed to wear forms of leopard print clothing. The different clothes that she wears are considered fashionable and vogue, as her clothings capture the attention of the public.[3] Lily also dons a fair amount of jewelry; sets of earrings that comes with various colors and types, and both of her wrists bear bracelets (mostly gold in color). Her fingernails are spotted manicured and polished dark pink.


Lily is a wealthy young woman and the richest in her class. Similar to Sofia, they both possessed some bad qualities; both are spoilt, bratty, self-centered and are spendthrifts.[4] She is also rather competitive, and is willing to do anything to win against Iris in the fashion design competition, even if it involves cheating.[5][6]

Deceitful and manipulative, Lily controls her own cousin Sofia and tends to bring up the wager that Sofia made with Candy JEM[7] whenever Sofia shows concerns to Lily's actions. This indicates that Lily tried to get Sofia on the same page as her and purposely make her think what is 'right' to do and what is not.



Mrs Kwek


Lily and Sofia had been really close since they were really young. Lily was the cause of Sofia's snobbish attitude.

Mr. Kwek



Iris had always thought Lily was snobbish, but since she accidentally found out that Lily had been claiming clothing designs from other products as her own, she told on her, and Lily was forced to repeat a year at college. Lily hated Iris ever since, and she tried to sabotage her performance at the fashion contest.









Style With Substance: Savvy

Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 2.0

Lily, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. She is designed as:

  • Fashion Model


  • Lily is the only known relative of Sofia who has coral pink hair (aside from Sofia and her mother who have magenta pink hair), Lily may have dyed her hair or inherited her hair colour from either of her parents.
  • Lily tends to shop at branded shops, one known shop that Lily shops is Kuncci,[8] which is an adaptation of the well-known luxury brand, Gucci.


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