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Miakael (Mia and Mi/kael) is a former semi-canon couple between Mia and Mikael.


Mia fell in love with Mikael when he suddenly appeared when Candy JEM were training for the singing competition. Her crush for him was obvious throughout the whole book 1. Mia even claimed to Joni and Emilia that she had a crush on Mikael. She gets jealous whenever Joni and Mikael bonded. But after book 1, Mia's crush on Mikael somehow died down.


Reaching for the Stars: Friendship


  • Mia used to have a crush on Mikael
  • Mia used to get jealous whenever Mikael and Joni bonded.

Among The Fans

Miakael is one of the least shipped couples but has a number of supporters. This pair rivals with the couples Charmia and Jonkael.