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Mikael is one of the supporting characters of Candy Series. He is a music prodigy and first appeared as one of the main characters in Reaching for the Stars: Friendship. He is a former student of Sacred Hearts Primary School and is now currently studying music in Prague.


When Mikael was little, he was very talented in singing and everyone held high regards towards him. But when he participated in a singing competition, he panicked and wanted to complete singing the song quickly, he forgot to have eye contact with the audience, thus he failed in the singing competition.

Physical Appearances

Mikael is a lean 14-years-old boy above average height. He has cream color hair which is kept in strands jutting downwards in every direction; and a smaller, upper cowlick (or tuft) of hair jutting upwards. He has golden eyes and a mole right at the bottom of his right eye.

Similar to the rest of the characters, Mikael does not consistently wear the same type of clothes.

He is considered to be very attractive, as shown when several girls stared dreamily at him and whispered about him when he was practising piano.[6]


Mikael is caring, patient and gentle, but sometimes, he has mood-swings (mostly happening when Joni is around). He tends to show his charm and gets angry easily when someone insulted him or teased him. He cares a lot about his future ambition, and takes light steps to reach his dream as a musician. Mikael deeply treasures music instruments, as he mentioned in Dreams Take Flight: Ambition.



Prodigious Talent in Music




Mikael's parents made a photo cameo in Be True, Be You: Interests. His father had cream colored hair in a bowl cut and gold eyes and he was seen wearing a a black suit over a light purple shirt with a purple tie. His mother had long brown hair tied into a bun with the rest of her hair gathered behind her back and two strands framing her face. She was seen wearing a white shirt with a brown belt.

in Be True, Be You: Interests he had made a phone call with his parents in his flashback.

His relationship between his family is currently unknown.

Mikael's family portrait

Mikael and his parents




Miss Lee

Miss Lee is Mikael's teacher during his days as a student in Sacred Hearts Primary School.

Love Interests


Visit Jonkael


Visit Miakael



Upon meeting at Sacred Hearts Primary School's concert, Steve and Mikael are ultimately introduced to be rivals. It was shown that the two are arranged to completely contrast with Steve being more physically adept and prefers the outdoors and Mikael being an indoor type.

Mikael and Steve's rivalry

Mikael and Steve's rivalry

Due to the fact that both parties have interest -at least a little- for Joni. They began competing for Joni's attention, hence resulted in rivalry between the two. Although both have been condescending and arrogant towards each other. While Mikael was the one whom started the rivalry and took it more seriously, Steve on a few occasions took their rivalry lightly.


Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 1.0 and 2.0

Mikael, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. He is depicted as:

  • Hairstylist
  • Lyricist
  • Racecar Driver
  • Navy Officer
  • Keyboardist

Candy Cuties

Mikael along with all the other characters of Candy Series are featured in the Candy Cuties series. Mikael appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.1
  • Candy Cuties Vol.2
  • Candy Cuties Vol.5
  • Candy Cuties Vol.7
  • Candy Cuties Vol.8
  • Candy Cuties Vol.11
  • Candy Cuties Vol.12


Reaching for the Stars: Friendship

Everybody's Favourite Friend: Amity

Mikael sent a parcel to Candy JEM that contained three purses with adorable cat pictures on them.

Style with Substance: Savvy

Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility

Happy Holidays!: Travel

Season of Blossoms: Growing Up

When Emilia and Joni were discussing about who they should invite for Mia's birthday party, Mia had the intention to invite Mikael too but gave up because he was in studying in Prague.

My Little Secret: Privacy

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

Kitchen Capers: Cooking

More Than Friends: Feelings

Fruits of Friendship: Nutrition

Spick & Span: Cleanliness

Be True, Be You: Interests

Saving A Spendthrift: Money Management


  • Mikael is ranked sixth in the 2014 Candy Series characters popularity poll.
  • In the official Candy Series characters stats, several information of Mikael is revealed:
    • Mikael's astrological sign is Libra, therefore his birthday falls between September 24 to October 23.
    • His blood type is A.
    • Mikael's favorite things are music.
    • Mikael's hobbies are playing the piano and composing music.

Mikael's character stats


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