More Than Friends: Feelings is the twenty-fourth book of Candy Series. It was released on May 2016.


Joni, Mia and Emilia are shocked to discover that two students in their school are dating. Is it really appropriate for primary school students to be in a romantic relationship? As the three friends tries to solve out their feelings about what they have learned, they find out that experiencing new emotions is an important part of growing up too!



Hospital Encounter

Candy JEM visits Zara and Qistina at Candy Hospital. Joni asks Emilia and Mia what do they think about the bouquet of flowers that she made. Emilia said that it looks like there is a bomb hidden in the bouquet while Joni exclaims what is Emilia saying about her flower arrangement. When Joni gives the bouquet of flowers to Zara and Qistina, thay said that it looks really unique.

Love is...?

Candy JEM are eating at Sweet Bakery when Joni suddenly asks what love is. Joni asks Emilia what kind of guys does she like. Emilia says that she likes men who are smart, mature, caring and considerate. When Joni asks if men like that really exist, Emilia says that her father is one of them. Joni then asks Emilia that when she grows up, she wants to marry a much older man, Emilia spits out her tea and starts pulling Joni's hair while shouting that she does not like older men. Just then, Chef Antone places the cakes that Candy JEM ordered on the table. Joni blurts out loudly that Chef Antone has a girlfriend, which is Miss Miyuki. Everyone in the cafe heard Joni and start to congratulate Chef Antone. When Candy JEM start to leave Sweet Bakery, they suddenly see a boy and a girl flirting with each other. They ask Mia if the boy and girl look like grown-ups to her. Emilia then says that the boy and girl look around Candy JEM's age.

Boys + Girls = Friends?

Candy JEM bumps into the boy and girl again. They start asking themselves how could the boy and girl act like that in school. The boy and girl reach the girl's class and the girl starts crying. She says that the boy promised that he would always be by her side and that she feels scared when he is not there. The boy said that he doesn't want to be separated from her either, but the bell will ring soon and they will be found out and they will be separated and that they must endure for the sake of their happiness. Candy JEM think that it is a miracle that the whole school hasn't found out about the boy and girl already. The bell rings and the boy leaves the girl. Suddenly, Corey appeared behind Candy JEM and ask them what they are doing. Emilia accidentally shoves Joni onto the floor while asking Corey where did he come from and that he gave her a fright. Joni says that she nearly had a heart attack. Corey then says that he as just asking and why were they all so scared. He asked them if they did something wrong and Joni shouts that they did not do something wrong and then points at what is supposed to be the boy and girl. Joni was actually pointing at Charles and he asked if they were looking for him. He notices Mia and says that he is happy to see her again. He then asks what is going on and Corey said to ask Joni. After school, Charles said that they were talking about Carly. Joni asked him if he knew about her and Charles said that the whole class knows about Carly and her boyfriend. He said that about half a year ago, Carly became obsessed with TV dramas and then got herself a boyfriend in Year 6. He then said that Carly used to have friends in class but she kpet bragging about her boyfriend so they started to avoid her. He also says that everyone thinks that she is a weirdo. He then says that it feels like he has something in common with her and the Joni said that is because he is a weirdo too and they start arguing.

The Careless Couple

Vicious Rumours

Found Out!

No Romance Allowed

Leave Love For Later


  • When the Mandarin version is translated into an English one, Book 24 has went through some minor changes in the speeches of several characters.
    • One noticeable example is the conversation between Joni, Mikael and Julian. During the scene where Julian agreed on Joni's thoughts toward romance which greatly touched Mikael. In the Mandarin version, Mikael called Julian his 'big brother', and Julian replied by saying that it shall take him a million years to call him as a big brother. While in the English version, instead of Mikael actually addressing Julian as his big brother, he called him by his name, and Julian replied by saying he 'let his guard down'.



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