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Mr. Cheng is a minor character who made his debut in Girls On Guard: Self-Defence. He is the father of Peter and Susie.


Five years ago when Mr. Cheng received the news that his children were kidnapped, he thought of rescuing them even if he gives up his job as a policeman. But when he got the exact location of them, he has to deal with a robbery case and the robbers had taken a bus with 40 children hostage. He struggled on whether he should rescue his children or the 40 children taken hostage but he chose to fulfill his duty as a policeman and rescued the 40 children[1].

As he headed to the place where his children were kidnapped, Peter had already escaped with his sister. This caused Peter to hate him because he did not rescue them on time[2].

Physical Appearances

Mr. Cheng is a tall middle-aged man with black hair and matching eyes. He normally wears dark-colored jackets over a plain t-shirt.



Girls On Guard: Self-Defence







Candy JEM


Mr. Chan




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