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Mr. Forest is a character who made his debut in The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement. He is the class teacher of Class 5B.


Mr. Forest's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances

Mr. Forest is a lean yet well-built adult, he has messy saddle brown hair and eyebrows and beady onyx eyes. When first introduced, he wears a V-neck tracksuit, with the upper part of the suit being endowed with a contrast of two different shade of blue; the upper region being royal blue while the lower one being light steel blue. Inside his tracksuit is a plain white T-shirt. Below, he wore track pants of a similar color. Lastly, he wore a pair of white sneakers to match.

In his second appearance, Mr. Forest wore a simple lavender color T-shirt with a button down collar. To come with it was a pair of black trousers with white stripes at the sides. Mr. Forest also seemed to wear a white lanyard that holds a tag.


Mr. Forest is a very strict man. He takes everything seriously, and wants every student in school to behave well. In The Hero's Quest: Self- Improvement, he was really angry at Charles. But he has a soft heart, it is just he doesn't like attitudes of students like Charles.


Candy JEM



The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement

He went to the shop Julian was working in to drag Charles to school. Later he was seen dragging Charles along the corridor. He was next seen scolding Charles. A few days later he went back to the same shop to drag Charles again to school.



Mental Intellect



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