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Mr. Forest is a character who made his debut in The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement. He is the class teacher of Class 5B.

History Edit

Mr. Forest's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances Edit

Mr. Forest is a lean yet well-built adult, he has messy saddle brown hair and eyebrows and beady onyx eyes. When first introduced, he wore a V-neck tracksuit, with the upper part of the suit being endowed with a contrast of two different shade of blue; the upper region being royal blue while the lower one being light steel blue. Inside his tracksuit was a plain white T-shirt. Below, he wore track pants of a similar color. Lastly, he wore a pair of white sneakers to match.

In his second appearance, Mr. Forest wore a simple lavender color T-shirt with a button down collar. To come with it was a pair of black trousers with white stripes at the sides. Mr. Forest also seemed to wear a white lanyard that holds a tag.

Personality Edit

Mr. Forest is a very strict man. He takes everything seriously, and wants every student in school to behave well. In The Hero's Quest: Self- Improvement, he was really angry at Charles. But he has a soft heart, it is just he doesn't like attitudes of students like Charles.

Relationships Edit

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Synopsis Edit

The Hero's Quest: Self-Improvement Edit

He went to the shop Julian was working in to drag Charles to school. Later he was seen dragging Charles along the corridor. He was next seen scolding Charles. A few days later he went back to the same shop to drag Charles again to school.

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