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Mr. Ouyang is a rich businessman and Emilia's father. He plays a minor role in My Little Secret: Privacy.


Mr. Ouyang's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Ouyang is a tall and well-built young man. He has green eyes with short and spiky black hair. He wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He is mostly seen wearing a black suit over a matching shirt with a silver tie. He wears black pants and a watch around his wrist.


Mr. Ouyang is a kind and understanding father. He understands that Emilia does not want to change school although her mother wants her to do so. As he is a wealthy businessman, he always had to go overseas due the nature of his occupation but he cares for his daughter a lot.



Mrs. Ouyang


Love Interests

Mrs. Ouyang

See Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang

Comic Appearances

My Little Secret: Privacy

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

More Than Friends: Feelings


  • In the official Candy Series Characters' stats, several information of Mr. Ouyang were revealed:
    • Mr. Ouyang's blood type is AB.
    • Mr. Ouyang's astrological sign is Virgo, therefore his birthday falls between August 24 to September 23.
    • He is 39 years old.
  • Mr. Ouyang, alongside Mr Liu, Mr. Cheng and Mr. Zhang are the only fathers (currently) ever shown in Candy Series.
Emilia's parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's character stats.


  1. Mr. Ouyang's blood type in Character Information, see trivia
  2. Mr. Ouyang's astrological sign in Character Information, see trivia


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