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Mr. Ouyang
 Alias(es) Daddy (by Emilia)
Dear (by Mrs. Ouyang)
Bespectacled Weirdo (by Mrs. Ouyang)
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type AB[1]
 Gender Male
 Age 39
 D.O.B. Around August 24 to September 23[2]
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Green
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Engineer
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Married
 Relative(s) Mrs. Ouyang (wife)
Emilia (daughter)
 Love Interest(s) Mrs. Ouyang (married)
 Allies Mrs. Ouyang, Emilia
• Others•
 Like(s) His family
 Alignment Good
• Debuts•
 Comics My Little Secret: Privacy

Mr. Ouyang is a minor character who made his debut in My Little Secret: Privacy. He is an engineer and Emilia's father.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

When Mr. Ouyang was young, he participated in a TV game show which was the same game show that was participated by his daughter. Unfortunately, he was so nervous that he got the last question wrong. This made his daughter hoping to redeem his failure and win the game show.

My Little Secret: Privacy Edit

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition Edit

More Than Friends: Feelings Edit

Stress-Busters: Stress Management Edit

Appearance Edit

Mr. Ouyang is a tall and well-built young man with short, spiky black hair and green eyes which are framed by a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He wears a black suit over a matching shirt with a silver tie. He also wears black pants and a watch around his wrist.

When Mr. Ouyang was young, he was shown wearing an orange collared shirt and he carried a dark blue backpack with him. He also wore round nerdy glasses.

Personality Edit

Mr. Ouyang is a kind and understanding father. He understood that Emilia did not want to change school although his wife wanted her to do so. He is also a caring father who cares a lot about his daughter even though he is always out for overseas because of his job.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mrs. Ouyang Edit

See Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang.

Emilia Edit

Emilia is Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's only daughter. Mr. Ouyang was shown to be very kind and understanding towards his daughter, as shown when he understood why his daughter does not want to change school even though his wife wanted her to change school. His kind and understanding nature towards Emilia was further shown when he comforted and consoled her after she failed to enter the finals of the TV game show.

Abilities Edit

Mental Intellect Edit


  • In the official Candy Series Characters' stats, several information of Mr. Ouyang were revealed:
    • Mr. Ouyang's blood type is AB.
    • Mr. Ouyang's astrological sign is Virgo, therefore his birthday falls between August 24 to September 23.
    • He is 39 years old.
  • Mr. Ouyang, alongside Mr. Liu, Mr. Cheng, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Shun are the only fathers (currently) ever shown in Candy Series.
Emilia's parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's character stats.

References Edit

  1. Mr. Ouyang's blood type in Character Information, see Trivia
  2. Mr. Ouyang's astrological sign in Character Information, se Trivia

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