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Mr. Zhang is a minor character and the father of Norman and his siblings. He made his debut in Brotherly Bother: Responsibility.


Mr. Zhang's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances

Mr. Zhang is an adult around average height who bears a striking resemblance to his children except for Nancy. He has scruffy black hair and narrow black eyes. For his attire as a news reporter, he wore a red jacket over a white shirt with a green tie and blue jeans. He also had a stubble on his chin.

During the parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Lawson, he wore a formal attire; a black suit over a white shirt with a black tie. He also wore black pants and black shoes and he had shaved his facial hairs.

In his final appearance in Brotherly Bother: Responsibility, he wore a blue shirt with a matching blue tie.


Mr. Zhang was once a neglectful father who left the responsibility of taking care of the household chores to his oldest son, Norman. However, he was shown to be caring for his children's well being, as shown when he scolded Noel and attempted to drag him to school to apologise to the discipline mistress for scolding vulgar language to her. Nevertheless, he is a loving father who loves his children deeply, especially Norman, as he always helped to take care of the household chores and his siblings.

Mr. Zhang was also noted to have a fiery temper, as shown when he declared divorce towards his wife when they were arguing about who passed down this trait to Noel.






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Love Interests

Mrs. Zhang

See Mr. and Mrs. Zhang


Brotherly Bother: Responsibility




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