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The subject of this article has no official name
It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Candy Series.

Mr. Zhang is a minor character and the father of Norman and his siblings. He made his debut in Brotherly Bother: Responsibility.


Mr. Zhang's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances

Mr. Zhang is an adult around average height who bears a striking resemblance to his children except for Nancy. He has scruffy black hair and narrow black eyes. For his attire as a news reporter, he wears a red jacket over a white shirt with a green tie and blue jeans. He also has a stubble on his chin.

During the parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Lawson, he wears a formal attire: a black suit over a white shirt with a black tie and he has shaved his facial hairs.

In his final appearance in Brotherly Bother: Responsibility, he wears a blue shirt with a matching blue tie.




Mrs. Zhang




Nathan, Newton and Nelson


Love Interests

Mrs. Zhang

See Mr. and Mrs. Zhang

Comic Appearances

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility



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