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Mrs. Ouyang is the mother of Emilia and the wife of the rich businessman Mr Ouyang. She plays as one of the leading roles in My Little Secret: Privacy.


Mrs. Ouyang's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Ouyang is a fairly tall and slim young woman of average height. She has fair skin and blue eyes and short greyish mauve hair that reaches down to right above her neck.

Being a high class lady and being married to a rich man, Mrs. Ouyang is able to afford a fair amount of jewelry that dons with her seemingly expensive clothes; a pair of earrings, a purplish necklace and bracelets on both her left and right hands. Her left fingers sports two rings-one which is possibly her wedding ring that she wears on her middle finger, and another ring which is wore on her ring finger.


Mrs Ouyang is a polite but yet competitive woman which was shown when she tried to get Emilia to beat the son of Mrs Lee in his studies.[3] However, she is still caring mostly towards Emilia and she got worried when her daughter went missing.[4]



Mr. Ouyang

See Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang



Mrs. Shun



My Little Secret: Privacy

A Class Effort: Leadership

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility


  • In the official Candy Series characters stats, several information of Mrs. Ouyang were revealed:
    • Her blood type is A.
    • Her astrological sign is Aquarius, hence her birthday falls around January 21 to February 19.
    • She is 36-years-old.
Emilia's parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's character stats.


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