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Emilia 2
Mrs. Ouyang
 Alias(es) Mother (by Emilia)
Honey (by Mr. Ouyang)
The Genius Girl (by herself)
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type A[1]
 Gender Female
 Age 36
 D.O.B. Around January 21 to February 19[2]
 Hair Color Greyish mauve
 Eye Color Blue
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Housewife
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Married
 Relative(s) Mr. Ouyang (husband)
Emilia (daughter)
 Love Interest(s) Mr. Ouyang (married)
 Allies Mr. Ouyang, Emilia, Jade, Corey, Mia, Joni, Norman
• Others•
 Like(s) Emilia getting high school grades, her family
 Dislike(s) Losing face, other parents' children being better than Emilia
 Alignment Neutral, later good
 Goal(s) To get her daughter to excel in her academics and examinations
• Debuts•
 Comics My Little Secret: Privacy

Mrs. Ouyang is the mother of Emilia and the wife of the engineer Mr. Ouyang. She made her debut in My Little Secret: Privacy.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

When Mrs. Ouyang was in university, she was widely recognised as a top student in the university. And this was how she met Mr. Ouyang and started to get closer to him, despite his nerdy appearance then.

My Little Secret: Privacy Edit

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management Edit

A Class Effort: Leadership Edit

Mrs. Ouyang was seen saying goodbye to Emilia as her daughter headed to school.

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility Edit

Mrs. Ouyang was seen thanking Norman when he helped Emilia, whose ankle was sprained, to get back home. She was later seen inviting him for dinner, which he politely declined.

Stress-Busters: Stress Management Edit

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Ouyang is a fairly tall and slim young woman of average height. She has fair skin and blue eyes and short greyish mauve hair that reaches down to right above her neck.

Being a high class lady and being married to a rich man, Mrs. Ouyang is able to afford a fair amount of jewelry that dons with her seemingly expensive clothes; a pair of earrings, a purplish necklace and bracelets on both her left and right hands. Her left fingers sports two rings- one which is possibly her wedding ring that she wears on her ring finger, and another ring which is worn on her middle finger.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Ouyang is a polite but yet competitive woman which was shown when she tried to get Emilia to beat the son of Mrs. Lee in his studies.[3] However, she is still caring mostly towards Emilia and she got worried when her daughter went missing.[4]

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mr. Ouyang Edit

See Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang.

Emilia Edit

Emilia is Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's only daughter.

Friends Edit

Jade Edit

Corey Edit

Mia and Joni Edit

Norman Edit

Other Media Edit

Candy Cuties Edit

Mrs. Ouyang, along with all the other characters are featured in the spin-off Candy Cuties series. Mrs. Ouyang appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.10

Abilities Edit

Mental Intellect Edit

As a top student during her university days, Mrs. Ouyang did possess a high level of mental intellect.

Trivia Edit

  • In the official Candy Series characters stats, several information of Mrs. Ouyang were revealed:
    • Her blood type is A.
    • Her astrological sign is Aquarius, hence her birthday falls around January 21 to February 19.
    • She is 36-years-old.
Emilia's parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang's character stats.

References Edit

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  3. My Little Secret: Privacy, page 73
  4. My Little Secret: Privacy, page 125-127

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