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Mrs. Kwek is a minor character who made her debut in Style with Substance: Savvy. She is the mother of Sofia and the aunt of Lily.


Mrs. Kwek's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances

Mrs. Kwek is a young adult around average height. She has long magenta hair and cerise eyes. She also has a mole on the upper left corner of her lip.




It is shown in the 15th book that Mrs. Kwek likes gardening.




Sofia is Mr. and Mrs. Kwek's only daughter.


Lily is Mrs. Kwek's niece.

Mr. Kwek

As Mrs. Kwek's husband is not shown in the series, it is unknown on how the relationship between her and Mr. Kwek is but she once mentioned that they spoiled their only daughter's attitude.[3]


Mrs. Chen

Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Kwek are known to be close friends since their secondary school years. The two still kept in contact over the years and one often visits the other's home.

Because of their close friendship, they often encouraged their children to become friends and they were seen quite pleased when their two children got along well.



Style with Substance: Savvy

As Mrs. Kwek welcomed Sofia back home, Sofia yelled to her mother that she does not want to see anyone and she told her to not bother her. As Mrs. Kwek was wondering why her daughter was so angry, her niece comforted her and went to meet Sofia.

Little Ladies: Courtesy

Mrs. Kwek was seen welcoming Sofia back home and told Sofia that her friend and her friend's son had came to visit them. Mrs. Kwek then served tea to Mrs. Chen while apologising her daughter's rudeness to Mrs. Chen. She then told her friend that she originally wanted to introduce Sofia to her son so they could become friends, but her daughter's attitude was too immature and childish. Richard then comforted Mrs. Kwek and said he would someday meet Sofia at school.

Rules of Popularity: Reputation

Other Media

Candy Cuties

Mrs. Kwek, along with all characters are featured in the spin-off Candy Cuties series. Mrs. Kwek appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.10



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