National Athletic Training School is a sports school. The school was mentioned by Peter in Athletic Ace: Sports.


Explicitly told by Peter, National Athletic Training school is a combination of Primary, Secondary and University. Hence most likely having and enrolling students between the ages of 7 to 20. It was also known to be a renowned school, as it is well-known among sports enthusiasts like Corey.


  1. Asuka's Coach (possibly)


  1. Peter
  2. Asuka



Not much was known about how the school looks like, but part of it was shown to be a tall brown building when Peter was explaining to Corey how the school was like.[1] Peter also described the school to have a lot of Sports facilities that it gives off an Olympic atmosphere.


  • When Peter described the school to Corey, the school was shown to have several sports such as swimming, rugby, baseball, martial arts and football.


  1. Athletic Ace: Sports, page 40


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