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Nora is a minor character and antagonist of Candy Series, She made her debut in Tiny Terror: Manners. She, alongside Sera, formed a pop duo called "Candy Baby".


When Nora was still little, she has been trained by her father who is a music producer so she can be a singer.

Physical Appearances Edit

Nora is a young petite girl with baby blue eyes and hair that is tied into a ponytail with a large pink bow.

In her first appearance, she wore a long sleeve white T-shirt covered with a sleeveless fur vest of a matching color to her hair. In addition were a pair of indigo silk shorts and white boots that is decorated with pink ball-like designs.

In her second and final appearance in the comics, she wore a sleeveless white hoodie with the buttons and pockets being light blue in color and she also wore an indigo mini skirt. Accompanying these were long striped black and grey stockings and blue shoes with two indigo ball-like designs.

Personality Edit

Just like Sera, Nora is generally shown to be a discourteous, rude and shallow young girl when first introduced. She look down and gives the cold shoulder to those with attitudes that she sees as "childish and immature" (mostly females). She acts rudely in front of a person or people that she barely knows, and just like Sera, flirts with men that has looks that appeals her. However, she seemed to disapprove of Sera stealing Mia's hairtie and pretending that Mia had pushed her down.

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