"Good morning. I'm Norman. I'm the monitor of class 5A in Sacred Hearts Primary School. I've appeared a few times. It doesn't matter if you don't remember me. My motto is "The less bother, the better". I prefer a life without bother. It's a bother to be noticed, and I don't like to be bothered."

Norman's introduction in Brotherly Bother: Responsibility

Norman is one of the supporting characters of Candy Series. He made his debut in A Class Effort: Leadership. He is the monitor of Candy JEM's class alongside Harry and Emilia.


Norman's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearances

Norman is an 11-year-old boy around average height. Along with his younger brothers Noel and the triplets and younger sister Nina, he bears a striking resemblance to his father; Norman has messy black hair that jut upwards in every direction and a cowlick (or tuft) right above the behind of his neck that slicked upwards. He has fair skin and black eyes. Like most of the other characters in the Series, Norman consistently wear different types of clothing. Although he mostly wears jackets.


Although he does not always seem to be taking his duties seriously, he is actually a reliable and responsible person and class monitor. He is sometimes very intelligent in controlling classroom stuffs, and manage to overcome challenges. He is also very good at making decisions quickly.



Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang are both very proud of Norman since he helps to do all the household chores and they think that he is understanding and is better than Noel.

Norman's grandparents


Nina seems really dependent on Norman. She would cry whenever Norman is not around to babysit her.

Nathan, Newton and Nelson

These three toddlers are Norman's little brothers, as triplets all together. They seem to not really get along as the fact shows they have different personalities.


Bunbun is Norman's pet cat. Norman sees Bunbun (possibly scornfully) as the most reliable and responsible member in the household. Norman was always seen giving commends for Bunbun like waking up his siblings early in the morning and even asked him to help to take care of his grandparents.


Nancy is Norman's younger sister. Nancy has shown a great amount of dependance on Norman, as shown when she often depends on him when it comes to doing household chores or delivering food to her, and would tend to get embarrassed whenever he shows up in front of her friends. However, after Emilia told her and her other family members to reconcile with Norman, Nancy started to display a more friendly view on him and she views him more as a brother, and she was shown to enjoy his company.


Noel is Norman younger brother.



Norman and Harry are best friends and also classmates since their first year at Sacred Hearts Primary School. Harry was the only one who knew about Norman's background until Harry ended up revealing it to Emilia, Mia and Joni.


Out of all of the Candy JEM members, Emilia seems to be the closest towards Norman. There are hints that Emilia took a slight interest in her fellow classmate and monitor. But it is not yet confirmed.
Visit the article Normilia to know more about Norman and Emilia's relationship.


Corey was the only one in Class 5A who knew that Norman existed until Miss Miyuki introduced everyone in 5A to him.

Mia and Joni

Same as how he views Emilia, Norman describes her two friends as "bothersome".

Miss Miyuki



Not much interaction seen between Sofia and Norman, but Sofia was shown to hold a disliking towards her classmate/monitor.


A Class Effort: Leadership

Norman makes his debut in Book 21. Due to the overwhelming questions the class have about not knowing who the monitor of the class is, Miss Miyuki set up a proper introduction for Norman.

Class reaction towards Norman

Norman's skeptical intro to his classmates

Overrun by boredom, the latter responds that he will guide the class into achieving victory in the bazaar competition, despite him finding it troublesome. His responds soon resulted in skeptical first impressions between him and the class.
When Norman and Harry are appointed to hold the class back for a short meeting over the school bazaar, Emilia --among many others-- complained and chided the two for the late annoucement. Norman then scoffed Emilia and said the discussion is "just how it is", a comment which soon unnerved the latter. After not recieving much ideas for the bazaar, Norman surprisingly considered taking in the idea of building a roller coaster, an idea which is obviously deemed impossible for the class to do. He soon got reprimanded by Emilia ad she scolds him for not being a suitable monitor.

Emilia meeting Miss Miyuki

Emilia complaining on Norman's role as monitor to Miss Miyuki

When an arguement spiralled between Emilia and Harry, Norman suggest the two to got seek help from Miss Miyuki to settle their arguement.

Throughout the time when Emilia urged for a change in the roles of the class committee of monitors with Miss Miyuki, Norman displayed a calm yet unnerving behaviour (to Emilia) towards them. When it came to a conclusion where Emilia volunteered herself to be the chairman, Norman thought of the problem to be troublesome. On a subsequent day, Norman, along with the rest of the class, discussed and gathered ideas for the bazaar and forming the committee members. When it all came to an end, Norman critisises Emilia's unfair decision over how she only chose those she is close friends with since he was restrained from doing the same. He then brushed off with Harry, not knowing Emilia was cursing him from behind.

When it was time for the preparations for the bazaar, Norman attempts to seek assistance to several of his classmates. He was soon faced by a saddened Harry, whom tearfully reveals him losing the class money needed to buy wanted materials. Such words soon invoked Emilia in disbanding Harry from being the class treasurer, much to everyone's disbelief, including Norman's.

Norman chiding Emilia

Norman calling Emilia a dictator

Norman then tried to speak up for Harry by objecting Emilia's rough decision. A tempted Emilia soon responded back, describing Norman's behaviour as that of a dictator. With a solemn face, Norman corrected Emilia, saying the actual "dictator" in the bunch is her.
Hours passed, as Norman still stayed in school to help out with the preparations. He soon approached Emilia and Alex upon hearing bits of their conversation and described what she has said as an impossible task (to finish the bazaar in time). After hearing a genuine Emilia confessing her faults, Norman said Emilia for not knowing the actual reason of him saying the preparations might not be prepared before the actual date. He then turned to a group of male classmates, commanding them to help up with several unfinished aspects of the preparations -- all in attempt to speed up their work before the deadline.
Norman with his classmates

Norman supports his classmates in preparing for the bazaar

During the actual day of the school bazaar, Norman sneaked into an exit of the classroom for a break (while eating an ice pop). He was soon joined by Emilia, whom believed he is slacking off. The two soon exchanged compliments for each other and described how they and the rest have made progess on the bazaar for the last couple of days. The two are soon approached with Corey (who has admit to be eavesdropping them) and Harry.

Harry and Norman

Harry offering Norman snacks

As Emilia chased after Corey out of the room, Norman engaged with Harry in sharing and eating snacks that Harry has bought.

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More Than Friends: Feelings

Brotherly Bother: Responsibility

Spick & Span: Cleanliness

Stress-Busters: Stress Management

Be True, Be You: Interests


Mental Intellect




  • In the comic where he makes his first appearance, everybody doesn't know who the class monitor (Norman) is except for Corey, but in Hamlet's Keeper: Responsibility, Joni seems to know who is the class monitor as she said that she had already done her homework by asking the class monitor.



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