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Normilia (Norm/an and Em/ilia) is a semi-canon pairing between Norman and Emilia.

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  • Emilia blushed when Norman patted her on her head.

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In commemoration to Candy Series 5th anniversary, an official fan book published by the authors revealed several information regarding Norman and Emilia's relationship:

1. In a Q&A section, Norman was asked about Emilia:

  • Question: What's the most difficult thing about being class monitor?
    • Norman's answer: Dealing with Emilia.
  • Question: What do you think of Mia, Joni, and Emilia?
    • Norman's answer: Trouble, big trouble, and even bigger trouble.

Emilia was also asked about Norman in the Q&A section:

  • Question: Norman thinks you're very troublesome. What do you say to that?
    • Emilia's answer: I don't mind, but as long as I'm around, he'd better not slack off!
  • Question: Do you think you'd make a better class monitor?
    • Emilia's answer: Norman may be laid-back, but his leadership qualities are better than mine. He can win the hearts of the students too. I think he makes an ideal monitor.

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Normilia is possibly one of the least shipped couples but still has a number of supporters. It rivals with the pairing Corilia.

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