Pauline is one of the main characters in Yes, You Can!: Optimism. She is an optimistic female who is the leader of the girls' team during their camping trip.


Pauline's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearance

Pauline is a 14-year-old teenager of average height with messy shoulder-length silver hair and flaming red eyes. She is normally seen in her scout uniform.


"The girl's team leader, she is very energetic, optimistic and adventurous. However, she lacks detail planning and camping knowledge."

-Pauline's personality and attitude shown in Characters page.

Pauline is a bright and optimistic individual who often look at the bright side of things. Her two dominant traits are her apparent lack of common sense and her utter fearlessness. Her energetic nature also lead to her being reckless and stubborn at times. Not having self-awareness of her actions and often swiftly scolds herself for her wrong doings despite some of them being serious.


Yes, You Can!: Optimism





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Love Interests


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  • In the official Candy Series character stats, several information of Pauline are revealed:
    • Pauline's astrological sign is Sagittarius, therefore her birthday falls between November 23 to December 22.
    • Pauline's blood type is O.
    • Pauline's favourite things are anything that are considered thrilling and exciting.
    • Pauline's hobbies are camping and adventuring.

Pauline's character stats


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  5. Pauline's hobbies in Character Information, see trivia


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