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Qistina is a minor character and a former antagonist of Candy Series. She made her debut in Reaching for the Stars: Friendship. Qistina is a close friend of Sofia and Zara.


Qistina's history is currently unknown.

Physical Appearance

Qistina has medium-long yellowish gold hair tied with two pigtails. She has amber eyes and fair skin. Like the other characters, her outfit changes throughout the comics regularly.


Described by Emilia, Qistina is a nice, cheerful and bubbly individual, but because of her mingling with the snooty and arrogant Sofia, she and Zara inherited some of her negative traits and is pictured as a self-centered person like Sofia.

As the series developed, Qistina was showed to be more open-minded and helpful to her fellow schoolmates and friends after Sofia had a positive change in her personality. Qistina was also shown to be a rather forgivable person, this trait of her was displayed when despite her arguments she had with Sofia and ended their friendship, Qistina was willing to forgive her and helped Sofia to get rid of her vanity.










Reaching For The Stars: Friendship

Style with Substance: Savvy

Season of Blossoms: Growing Up

As Sofia was praising herself to be prettiest among all of the invited guests at Mia's birthday party, Qistina and Zara sheepishly avoid looking at the latter as to prevent embarrassment. Noticing Mia coming into the party in her birthday dress, Qistina, along with everybody at the party got amazed by Mia's beauty.

Keeping You Waiting: Time Management

Walking towards the school entrance with Zara, the two noticed Sofia and happily waved to her, with the latter running to the two excitedly and gave them a big hug.

Dreams Take Flight: Ambition

Getting interviewed by Joni, Qistina was with Sofia and Zara and each of them told Joni about their ambition (Which is Joni's question). Qistina excitedly said that her ambition is to become a dancer.

A Class Effort: Leadership

Qistina can be seen with Zara when she volunteers to join the design group. She also was seen telling Zara her costume is a fluffy fox.

On Our Own: Self-Reliance

Rules of Popularity: Reputation

Other Media

Candy Careers Card Game 1.0 and 2.0

Qistina, along with many other characters, are depicted and designed in several cards as performing different types of occupations. She is depicted as:

  • Train Conductor
  • Hairdresser




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