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The Rich Twins are Richard's former kindergarten classmates. They are born in a wealthy family and are known for bullying Richard during their kindergarten years. They are minor characters of Candy Series and made their debut in Little Ladies: Courtesy.


When Richard was in kindergarten, the rich twins were known as the class bullies who like to bully other students. One day in kindergarten, the twins snatched Richard's toy and claimed that his mother was a mistress and the male twin broke Richard's toy. Richard's endurance to their bullying can no longer be restrained and he physically attacked them.

Physical Appearance

The rich twins are a set of plump fraternal twins with brown hair and green eyes. The female twin tied her hair into two short pigtails and the male twin have neatly combed short hair. When the rich twins were toddlers, they wore a set of the kindergarten's school uniforms.

Rich twins as toddlers

The twins as kindergarteners.









Little Ladies: Courtesy




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