Richard is a supporting character and a former antagonist of Candy Series. He made his debut in Seasons of Blossom: Growing Up. Richard is recognized as one of the 'Princes' in Sacred Hearts Primary School.


When Richard was in kindergarten, he was often ridiculed and bullied by two wealthy fraternal twins. Richard's endurance to their bullying, however, could no longer be restrained one day as he physically attacked them after the two broke a toy of his.

His physical confrontation soon got him expelled after the kindergarten received complaints from the twins' parents. The incident greatly saddened his mother. Richard soon vowed not to disappoint her again and chose to be more forgivable and open minded to those around him.

Physical Appearances

Richard full appearance

Richard's full appearance

Richard is a handsome young boy. He is around the same height as Anthony and is rather slender. He can sometimes be found wearing his school's basketball jersey, and during other times, seen wearing different clothing that is part of the latest trend during that certain period of time. He has fair skin, gold eyes and messy brown hair.


Richard first appeared as a charming, well-mannered, modest and polite person, but it was later revealed that Richard has a split personality; he holds high standards for people and often mocks and look down upon them if they do not meet his expectations. Snarky and critical, he often rejects invitations or favors from those that he abhors and constantly sniped them unbeknownst. And Sofia was the only person whom knew about Richard's true colors.

However, Richard's attitude changed after some time thanks to Sofia. He became more light-hearted and serene to the people around him and learnt to accept their flaws.



Richard displayed his skills at basketball, and was known to be the Vice-President of Sacred Hearts Primary School's Basketball team.

Mental Intellect


Other Media

Candy Cuties

Richard, along with all the other characters of Candy Series are featured in the Candy Cuties Series. Richard appears in:

  • Candy Cuties Vol.8


  • Some of Richard's personal information were revealed in the official Candy Series characters' stats:
    • Richard's star sign is Scorpio. Therefore, his birthday falls between October 24 to November 22.
    • Richard's blood type is A.
    • Richard's favorite things are basketball, trends, shopping and fashion.

Richard's character stats

  • In the Mandarin version of Spick & Span: Cleanliness, Richard's surname was changed to 'Lee' (李), when it should be 'Chen' (陈). There is a possibility that 'Lee' (李) might be his mother's maiden name, as it has been foreshadowed in several past books that circulates around the theory that his mother is a mistress.
  • Replacing Candy JEM, Richard is the main protagonist for books 15, 23 and 30.


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