Sean 3
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type B[1]
 Gender Male
 D.O.B. December 18[2]
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Brown
 Height 178cm
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Actor
University Student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Allies Julian, Irwin, Joni, Mia, Emilia
• Others•
 Like(s) Acting as Monster Ranger, going to bookstores, hanging out with friends in cafes[3], barbecues, seafood[4]
 Dislike(s) Leek, celery, green pepper[5]
 Alignment Good
• Debuts•
 Comics Starstruck!: Fandom

Sean is a minor character that made his debut in Starstruck!: Fandom. He is a close friend of Julian and Irwin and he played a role as Monster Ranger during the Monster Ranger performance.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sean met Julian since they were in secondary school and they were best friends since then.

Starstruck!: Fandom Edit

Kitchen Capers: CookingEdit

Sean was seen in Irwin's house to give the medicine that he bought for Julian who caught the flu.

Later, he was seen watching the cooking competition of Antone and Aimone with Julian and Irwin.

A Class Effort: Leadership Edit

Sean was seen sitting with Irwin and Julian at a dining table in class 5A's booth, and was served with food and beverages by Joni. Along with Irwin, Sean was entertained when Julian swayed a lalang plant at his sister.

He was later seen watching Candy JEM's singing performance.

Stress-Busters: Stress Management Edit

Trainee Trouble: Perseverance Edit

Appearance Edit

Sean is a slim and tall young man around his twenties. He has brown eyes, which are closed most of the time, and brown hair.

Personality Edit

Sean is a friend of Julian and a great one. He has a very soft but kind personality. He often felt bad if something involving him happened. Sean is a very supportive type of friend to Irwin and Julian.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Irwin Edit

Julian Edit

Joni Edit

Mia and Emilia Edit

Abilities Edit

Acting Edit

Sean acted in Joni's favourite TV show as Monster Ranger.

Mental Intellect Edit

Character Interview Edit

In the official 2018 fanbook, Sean was interviewed on several questions:

Trivia Edit

  • According to the official 2018 Candy Series Fanbook:
    • Sean's blood type is B.
    • Sean's birthday is on December 18, hence making him a Sagittarius.
    • Sean's hobbies are going to bookstores and hanging out with friends in cafes.
    • Positive traits of Sean include his gentleness, caring nature towards his friends and tendency to smile a lot.
    • Negative traits of Sean include his lack of bravery and tendency to being bullied easily.
    • Sean's favorite food are barbecues and seafood while his least favorite food are leek, celery and green pepper.
    • Sean's strongest subjects are language studies, fine arts and music while his weakest subject is Mathematics.
    • Sean's personal stats are:
Physical Strength

References Edit

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