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Sera is one of the main characters in Tiny Terror: Manners. Sera is the spoiled daughter of Rose, Mia's mother's friend. She is also Nora's best friend. Together, they formed a children's pop duo, Candy Baby.


Sera was born with a very weak heart, but after she has done an operation, her heart was quickly cured. Maybe because of her heart condition she is spoiled.

Soon after her heart has been cured, Sera's best friend Nora decided to form a pop duo named Candy Baby.


Sera is a petite young girl with sky blue eyes and peach pink hair done in two pigtails. In the middle of Tiny Terrors, she tied a part of her hair with Mia's butterfly hair tie which she stole from her.[1] Like the rest of the characters, her outfit changes throughout the comics regularly.


Sera appears rather polite when her mother or brother is around, but it is shown that she is a manipulative, vain and self-centered brat. She acts extremely rude to people who she thinks is nagging her. She can also go as far as manipulating others just to get her own way.

Sera also seems to be quite mature for her age. She has been seen gossiping to Nora about boys and crushes. She even flirted with Corey and Anthony with Nora in front of people[2] making her quite shameless and flirtatious. This could be because she is exposed to celebrity lifestyle as she herself is a celebrity.

As revealed by Rose, Sera was born with a weak heart but is quickly cured after doing an operation. This caused her to be spoiled by her parents which resulted in her bad behavior.




Her mother, Rose, is a kind mother who thought Sera is polite and good (although she still did not know her true attitude), but actually she has spoiled her from the start. Rose, however, seems that she felt she does not want to hurt her children's feelings because of her job, and might be the reason that her son has the Chunnibyo Syndrome (even though he is well-mannered and behaved) and her daughter spoiled.


Charles is Sera's beloved older brother; it was shown that Charles is the only person whom Sera show politeness and respect towards. Sera seem to enjoy her brother's care and company, and often refer herself in a third person whenever he is around.

Even though Sera bears a happier and warmer demeanor towards her brother, Sera has the tendency to disobey his orders, or is unwilling to do a certain favour for him. An example is when Sera disposed a drug (Inotropes, a type of drug that improve heart pumping function) which she was suppose to consume.


Mr. Wang

Due to the fact that Charles' and Sera's father was not shown in the series, it was unknown on how the relationship between Sera and Mr. Wang is. But Rose did once spoke about them spoiling their daughter's attitude.[3]


Candy JEM

Sera has always treated the girls badly unless her brother or her mother is around. Sera even made broke Mia's heart by stealing her hair tie. However, after Joni and Emilia formed a 'counterstrike force', Sera has changed.


Nora has always been Sera's best friend all along and throughout the series, however Nora's attitude has slight changes like she does not like Sera's over-attitude because she took Mia's hair tie, which also possibly means that Nora is not like Sera at all. However, Nora does not make any appearances after she stole Mia's hair tie.


Tiny Terror: Manners


  • Sera often speak in a third person, especially when around her brother, Charles.
  • She is the 10th character to be the main focus of a book once (first and second being Alex and Anthony in Sparkle and Shine while the third and fourth being Corey and Peter in Girls on Guard).


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