Sparkle and Shine: Hygiene is the fourth book of the Candy Series. It was released on June 2014.

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The school health teacher's twin sons are a pair of notorious clean freaks. They are known for their strict disciplinary actions and surprise health inspections to ensure that the students always pay attention to their personal hygiene and grooming. While the older brother, Anthony, is cold and strict; and the younger twin Andrew is a soft-spoken and gentle boy. One day, Anthony punishes Joni's classmate Alex with a demerit. Finding this highly unfair, Joni begins plotting to teach Anthony a lesson.

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Mrs Lawson sets rules that students who repeatedly violate the hygiene policy would get a dismerit and those who get 3 dismerits would be expelled and that she and her two twin sons that are also hygiene monitors, Anthony and Andrew would conduct random hygiene spot checks every week. While the Candy Jem members were having picnic, A dirty boy named Alex appeared sneaking around the bush to escape from Anthony and told them that he was a fan of them. A moment later, Anthony came and caught Alex. Joni argued and told Anthony to let Alex go, but he still gave him a demerit.

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The next day, at the sinks where students were suppose to brush their teeth, Alex washed his dirty hair there which caused an uproar.

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