Susie 3
 Nationality Malaysian
• Characteristics•
 Blood Type A[1]
 Gender Female
 Age 8
 D.O.B. Around March 21 to April 19[2]
 Hair Color Maroon
 Eye Color Emerald
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Preschool student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Civil Status Single
 Relative(s) Mr. Cheng (father)
Deceased mother (mentioned)
Unnamed grandmother (mentioned)
Peter (older brother)
 Allies Peter, Candy JEM, Mr. Cheng (former enemy turned ally)
 Enemies Mr. Cheng (former enemy turned ally)
• Others•
 Like(s) Dolls, her brother, collecting and playing dolls[3]
 Alignment Good
• Debuts•
 Comics Girls On Guard: Self-Defence

Susie is an eight year old pre-school student and the younger sister of Peter. She made her debut in Girls On Guard: Self-Defence.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Five years ago when Susie was 3 years old, she was taken out by her brother to buy ice-cream. Suddenly, a gang of kidnappers abducted both of them and Peter managed to escape with her when the kidnappers went out[4].

Girls On Guard: Self-Defence Edit

Appearance Edit

Susie is a young girl with emerald eyes and maroon hair that is tied up into two buns. She is normally seen carrying a doll with her.

Personality Edit


Family Edit

Mr. Cheng Edit

Deceased mother Edit

Grandmother Edit

Peter Edit

Friends Edit

Candy JEM Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the characters' databook, several information of Susie are revealed:
    • Susie's bloodtype is A
    • Susie's astrological star sign is Aries. Hence, her birthday falls between March 21 to April 19.
    • Susie's favourite things are dolls, collecting dolls and her older brother, Peter.

Susie's character stats

References Edit

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