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    One of my earliest memories starts with me sobbing. I refused to be pitied or sympathised by anything or anyone. I was lost within my labyrinth of thoughts before Anthony snapped me back to reality.

    "Dude, youre missing out Bio class, focus!" A seemingly concerned Anthony said. "what happened?" "Nothing, its just-" SLAM From across the laboratory stood Mr. Silas. "Silence, you two! What Im teaching is important for the upcoming exam!" He shouted.


    "What was that?!"

    "Ah...nothing, Mr. Silas." I answered. Somehow, I had spoken my inner thoughts out for everyone in the lab to here. As sets of seemingly confused eyes were gazing at me, like as if I did something bad (Which I did, I think-), I tried to avoid eye contact with them as I stare …

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    May 27, 2018 by Aphrodite Belleza

    This is lame so I disabled the comments, you guys can just read if you want. Any questions or complains do go leave a message on my talk page or talk to me on Discord.

    The main skin color of CS wiki has been pink for more than a year already. So I decided to make it yellow/gold instead as it is the hair color of one of the main characters. Also, if you are using a mouse to hover around, you will find out that the cursor is a candy. (Just a fun fact for y'all)
    I am creating a new background too, will update this blog post once I finished it.

    Since the authors will be releasing a fanbook in I-dunno-when, I came out with this template, like if I create on for Emilia:

    Btw, if any of you could see what the character stats of Mia is in this blurry …

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    Hello again guys~

    Sorry for the long hiatus tho, I got exam for this past few days. Today is the last paper hence now I have time to come to this wikia again. I had drawn a fanart of Sofia and Qistina and Zara. This is my first attempt on drawing on a complete A4 size paper, hence you can easily spot a lot of flaws on my drawing, especially the bad coloring and horrible background.

    I personally think drew Qisitna the worst, as I find my drawing of her eyes and jawline and coloring of clothes out of place. What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment on how you find my fanart, really appreaciate that. 😜

    Time spent: So long that I lost count.

    Materials used: Pencil, Black pen, Fabel Castell Color pencils.

    I will be doing another fanart in the fu…

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    in its content.}}

    Advice: Try to draw/write the MALE characters in the series as Sirens. Cuz I bet there are at least 1 or 2 of u thinking of writing/drawing female characters as sirens and males as pirates.

    This AU is where all the characters are drawn as popular monsters in various legends, myths and histories. HOWEVER, the CS characters are all fixed into one particular monster/creature based on their personalities and/or looks:

    • Sofia as Medusa- The snake-lady monster in Greek myth. Whoever who gaze into her eyes shall turn into stone.
    • Mia as Mermaid/Siren- You know this one :P
    • Emilia/Charles as a Fallen Angel- Basically angels, but their wings are black cuz they are banished from Heaven
    • Charles/Corey as Centaurs- Half human half horse creatu…

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Done with coloring. Spent 20mins on it (I anyhow color cuz I am in a rush for personal matters during then)

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