Aphrodite Belleza

aka Lee Yi Han

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Singapore, China
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is High School student
  • I am your worst nightmare
  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Done with coloring. Spent 20mins on it (I anyhow color cuz I am in a rush for personal matters during then)

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Black and White Carmen fanart. I did not want to color this time cuz I tend to ruin my entire drawing when I color. So here is it, chaps! My first fanart of a minor character.

    Time: 45 min

    If you think I should color, do leave a comment down in the comments section. Thanks.

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Hello! Most of you probably had already seen the blue-black widget on top of the Live! Chat that reads Discord. It is a chat app which a few months back had collaborated with Fandom Wiki (both are businesses).

    Hence, most wiki get to have this Discord app as a place to chat with other users live. No matter are they CS related or not.

    It took me 3 weeks to properly install and enable this app.

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    Since I am quite lazy in writing a full blog post of every CS books published, I think it is best if I just finish my review of all current CS books published in this blog post alone.

    I dont think any of u like to see me complain, so I just shortened my reviews for each books into 20 words or less.

    • Book 1 (Reaching 4 da Starz)- 10/10 (The one that started it all)
    • Book 2 (Healthy Pretty Gals)- 6/10 (I kinda wonder does Bobby have diabetes after eating that much...)
    • Book 3 (Everybody's fav amigo)- 7.5/10 (Gay-ish book yet! Nice to see Charles' debut)
    • Book 4 (Sparkles and Shine like Edward Cullen)- 6/10 (Holy Sh*t! Andrew's a frikin' sociapath in this!)
    • Book 5 (Style with Substance)- 7/10 (I honestly think those two ugly gals who "replaced" Zara and Qi…

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  • Aphrodite Belleza

    njour! First off I wanna say: For the next few blog posts, they will be all about my reviews of all the CS books that I HAVE ACTUALLY BOUGHT. Before I start this, I gonna have to say all of what's written are my HONEST opinions or I just want to act sarcastic. Whatever comment I made below that bugs you and you want to attack me at the comments section, you r either a straight-up sensitive person or some internet troll. People each have their own unique and special opinions, and you can't expect EVERYONE to share the same opinion as yours.

    The first shall be Everybody's Favourite Friend, Book 3. Here is my honest review on how I find this book; I am going to spam some pics I have snapped to make fun describe how I feel about them.

    So sit back,…

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