Since I am quite lazy in writing a full blog post of every CS books published, I think it is best if I just finish my review of all current CS books published in this blog post alone.

I dont think any of u like to see me complain, so I just shortened my reviews for each books into 20 words or less.


  • Book 1 (Reaching 4 da Starz)- 10/10 (The one that started it all)
  • Book 2 (Healthy Pretty Gals)- 6/10 (I kinda wonder does Bobby have diabetes after eating that much...)
  • Book 3 (Everybody's fav amigo)- 7.5/10 (Gay-ish book yet! Nice to see Charles' debut)
  • Book 4 (Sparkles and Shine like Edward Cullen)- 6/10 (Holy Sh*t! Andrew's a frikin' sociapath in this!)
  • Book 5 (Style with Substance)- 7/10 (I honestly think those two ugly gals who "replaced" Zara and Qistina are idiotic maggots)
  • Book 6 (A nerd and a geek)- 9/10 (Dennis: A character most of us can relate to)
  • Book 7 (A gerbil's adventure)- 6/10 (You cant name a rodent after the Prince of Denmark)
  • Book 8 (Happy Holidays!)- 7/10 (Is Langkawi good?)
  • Book 9 (Self-Defence)- 5/10 (The only book where the main villain is an adult)
  • Book 10 (Top of da Class)- 6.5/10 (I hate Jane, nuff said)
  • Book 11 (Lightning Struck!)- 7/10 (I sense INCEST between Joni and Julian, also: Go Go Power Rangers!)
  • Book 12 (Puberty's a b**ch)- 9.5/10 (Charles would be my favourite Disney princess if he keep Mia's dress)
  • Book 13 AND 14- ?/10 (I dont have these books)
  • Book 15 (Mary Sue and da 7 dwarves)- 10/10 (I can sense Mia turning into a Mary Sue...)
  • Book 16 (I don't have this book)
  • Book 17 (Love Triangulation and Friendzones)- 8/10 (Moral of da story: No matter how hard 2 hotties try to fight over a plain gal like u, u will forvever be friendzoned)
  • Book 18 (Puberty's STILL a b**ch)- 8/10 (Dang! Did the writers hinted SEXISM in a kid's comic?)
  • Book 19- ?/10 (Don't have this book)
  • Book 20 (Charlie da Walking Meme)- 10/10 (Finally a book that uses the classic romance formula and make Charmia realistic!)
  • Book 21 (A Dictator's Effort)- 6/10 (Norman is the only smart one here...)
  • Book 22- ?/10 (I don't have this book)
  • Book 23 (Rules of Bullying)- 10/10 (I can relate to Sofia in SO many ways!)
  • Book 24 (Friendzones and Heartbreaks)- 4.5/10 (WORST. BOOK. EVER, it feels like this book is written by some stupid fan who is obsessed over romance, I bet that fan is someone like Carly)
  • Book 25 (Brotherly Bother)- 8/10 (A book about solving family issues and a broken relationship between siblings, I like it)
  • Book 26 (Your fav, SakuraBlossom🙃😴)- 6.5/10 (Nice to see a person of a different skin color for once)
  • Book 27 (Athletic Ace)- 7/10 (I don't really like Asuka tho...he reminds me of Levi, not that I hate him, but I don't like his attitude :P)
  • Book 28 (Charlie the Walking Meme Pt. 2)- 4.5/10 Well done, writers! U officially turned Mia into a Mary Sue
  • Book 29 (Twilight: A science teacher and a hooded kid)- ?/10 (The book itself would make a lot more sense if it were released in Halloween)
  • Book 30 (Spit and Spam lol, sorry...)- 8/10 (Richard and Sofia reminded me of a couple from an R-rated movie tho...)


Ok, and there u have it! My reviews of almost every CS book in 20 words or less!

Feel free spam me right now to tell me which r your fav. books and how many points u wohld give each of the books down in the comments section. I cant wait to hear and share my thoughts with u.

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