Help wanted

If anyone has free time, do go and do some edits for the different characters' relationship and synopsis subpages. If any of you have queries on how and what to edit, do leave a message on my talk page: User:T0317288g-- T0317288g Talk PageT0icon 09:02, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

Relationship subpages

A certain character's relationship with several different characters. Both Blood relatives, friends/allies, Lovers/love interests and Enemies/Neutral. These are the ones that you can help up with:

Relationship pages to create:

Synopsis subpages

A certain character's actions and role performed in the current 27 books. Even if the characters are just mentioned or showed in a brief cameo, try to add them in.

Synopsis pages to create:

  • Norman's
  • Mikael's
  • Irwin's
  • Steve's
  • And some others that had appeared in more than two books

Do help to do your edits to the pages, the user whom did the most amount of edits can take up the role as a chat moderator or a discussion moderator as an award for their hard work, time and effort they had use when editing. Thank you.
User:T0317288g-- T0317288g Talk PageT0icon 09:02, December 10, 2016 (UTC)

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