This wiki is created by User:YumeharaKaren in 2015. And now, 2017 is around the corner and we had 15 users editing/visiting this wiki since then, with 8 actually being active and contributive users (Me, Yahiko, Sakura Blossom, Karen, and semi-active users-Riko,Izzabelle and Peeqachu) And besides actually editing and contributing different things to this site, let us celebrate all the different special occasions with a bang!

Same like the blog post I had created in regards to Christmas, either write a one-shot/one chapter fanfic or/and draw fanarts that are related to that certain holiday. Christmas is just over and New Year is coming soon! So here's the actual purpose of me writing this post-draw/write a fanart/fanfic that is related to New Year, and write the message:Happy New Year 2017 in your fanfic/fanart.

Deadline is 1 January 2017. Do submit yours early!