1. Right now, I am planning to add a few new things to the character pages. And also a few info to take note of:


This is something new, do take note:

Abilities is a section which contains certain info of what type of abilities, powers or/and talent that a certain character have. DO NOT insert info in the abilities section that are mostly your opinions and/or beliefs. Such info are prohibited.

  • Pros
    • Claimed by the people around her, Mia was shown to be a talented arts and crafts master. <reference needed*>
    • Emilia has displayed a great level of academic intelligence. As she often scored high marks for exams in school.<reference needed*>
    • Joni was shown to be an athletic individual and displays immense talent at sports, such as volleyball.
    • Mikael was shown to have a weak physique(?), as he got a fever when he tried to help Steve move his piano from the rain and into a shelter. <reference needed>
  • Cons
    • Jane is great at coming out with schemes and plots to get revenge on Joni.
      • Unsuitable info, as this is not supported by an evidence and might just be the editor's belief.
    • Alex is good at gardening.
      • read book 26, and u shall know that she is not really good at it, so this info is inadequate.
    • Carly is great at match-making.
    • Charles is good at stalking people.

From above, you might get a gist on what are suitable for inserting in the new section Abilities and what are not. And also, do include at least one image as an evidence to display the character's certain ability.


Some of you might notice the reference section right above Navigation. The purpose of adding that is to show the reader where we find those information.

Below are steps on how to insert a reference.

  1. Go and find the button 'Insert', click it and then press 'reference list', add that in the reference section.

  1. After a sentence/paragraph you had typed in, right after the comma/full stop, go to 'Insert' again and this time, click 'Reference'.
  2. A box will then pop up in front of your screen.
  3. Add the evidence that would help to support your statement/sentence. Example like:
    1. For evidence taken from CS Comic books, write <name of book> and comma, then type in the page number of where you got your info as evidence.
  4. Next, find the button 'A' that is underlined, click it and then find 'Superscript' (second option). And you shall have your reference changed into a smaller one.

Like this for example: [1].


  1. Rules of Popularity: Reputation, page 130

Any questions, do comment and I'll try to help. :D -- T0317288g Talk PageT0icon 10:13, January 22, 2017 (UTC)

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