This message is going to be short but important to some of you, so do please read it till the end.

CS wiki

I had installed some wiki features for this wiki, if you move your mouse to any links, the links would glow red in color. If any body wishes for a change of color, do feel free to comment down below.

If you had visited any other wikis, you shall notice a few have their own specialized features, if you like them, and wish this wiki can have the same, feel free to bring it up to me. But please do provide me a link to their wiki for me to see how is it first.

Last Update

If you had noticed, the wiki's theme color is now pink and no longer blue. For those that do not like this color, do bear with it. As pink is the OFFICIAL THEME COLOR for Candy Series. I myself do not really like pink either, but I had contacted the CS creators via social media and they said this is the color.

-- T0317288g Talk PageT0icon 10:50, March 13, 2017 (UTC)

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