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Even though it is not my most favourite Charmia book, I still think this is a great development for their friendship, and also Charles' character development. (He is like, the most well-developed character in CS, and in my opinion, better than Candy JEM's ones)

This also shows the hard work Charles had put into his studies and turning over a new leaf. And Charles' rivals, Emilia, Joni, Richard and even Anthony put aside their rivalries with him and help him with his academic studies. Which is a scenario that would RARELY HAPPEN for rivals in reality. :P


In my opinion, this is the least interesting Charmia book I've read. Here's my rank of all Charmia books:

  1. Tiny Terrors, book 20
  2. Seasons of Blossoms, book 12
  3. Eveybody's favourite friend, book 3
  4. this book is here, least interesting...

Things I don't like about this book:

  • I really dislike the three bullies introduced in this, they are as annoying as hell.
  • I know that Mia is a likeable character in both CS universe and among the fans. But seriously, ALMOST every male character in CS liked her (except for Joshua). I mean like, the 3 bullies were awestruck by her fine appearance, the bulls**t level is high in this one.
    • This book make Mia look like the Mary Sue of getting liked (by males). Or basically the Mary Sue of everything good.

What I had stated r just my opinions, so please don't roast me. What do you guys think about Book 28? Leave your review in the comments section below.


This section is very long, so if you are the type of person who hate me for disliking 2 particular characters, I advice you to read on: I would like to clarify a few things. I do NOT hate Mia and Emilia, I just bear neutral feelings to these 2 due to their questionable development throughout the time being. I know these two characters got quite a lot of fans in the fanbase, (I am referencing nearly every single one of you Emilia/Mia fans here) but the fact that you guys mostly follow the series for the sake of ships, storyline and whatever most fangirls do kinda distract you guys from bearing a thought to the development of the characters (not that you guys are clearly those type of fangirls, but from how I see you guys as. Writing in your profile page "My OTP are...", "My favourite ships are..." and other stuff) I do not think Mia and Emilia are horrible MCs or anything, but if you compare these 2 to several other characters like Sofia, Norman, Anthony, Alex, Richard, Charles etc. they got WAY better character development, and the biggest twist here is that THEY ARE THE FRIKIN' SUPPORTING CHARACTERS!

Let me talk about Mia first: The first flaw Mia has is her development. Mia in the first book and Mia in the current books are almost exactly the same. She DID learn something after each conflict in each book, but in the following book, the writers just toss them out the window and make her look like she learnt absolutely NOTHING and thus did not change or develop, the only obvious development/change she has is her conquering her social awkwardness and shyness, that's all, nothing else. Another major flaw is , ironically, her seemingly flawless nature. If you truly know the meaning of this term "Mary Sue", you will definitely agree with me. To summarize, Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often, this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment. Prior to Little Ladies: Courtesy, Mia is a totally fine character. But afterwards, the writers decide to make her into a Mary Sue, a character who is SO PERFECT that everyone can't help but adore her. Here are how Mia fits the troupe of a Mary Sue:

  • Every men/boys in show LIKE her- Sure, there are Corey, Mikael, Steve etc. who bear no interest in Mia. But if you look back at all the CS books, about 85% of the male characters, like Mia, at least a little. What make me mad at the most is how Derek and his friends falls in love with Mia at first sight because "she has looks". I mean, sure, there are moments where people do fall in love with another at first sight, but the fact that they are bullies of Charles who like Mia is just ridiculous. Same goes for Dave, just why Kaoru?! Why would you let a frikin adult like Mia! This is bullsh"t!
  • She is described as an "Angel"- There is no such thing as the most perfect and angelic person in the world. Joni called her an angel, the classmates implied her as an angel, Norman's sick brother Newton called her an angel, and don't get me started with Charles. She is even depicted as Snow White in one of those books, like why compare it with a Disney character? This is utter madness, poor writing. Even if there are angelic humans in the world, they are not as angelic then this fictional character Mia.

Fingers crossed, I am REALLY hoping that Mia can at least show a few flaws in upcoming books. Yeah, she has flaws, like what I stated earlier, but those are no longer shown in the current books and hence make Mia a Mary Sue.

Emilia's wrath

this pic sums up my irritation of Emilia's character

Whereas for Emilia, I admit, she DOES receive character development more than her blonde friend. But it is her personality that irritates me. She is like those Goody-Two-Shoes who physically abuses Corey and Joni and even Norman. Physical abuse is something intolerable in reality, and might result in a criminal record and loss of friends. I am surprised that Joni and Corey are still friends with Emilia after all the physical abuse and nagging. Yeah, I know, there ARE moments when she treat them with kindness, but think about it, will you still be friends with somebody who always knock you on the head, nag you for doing something she don't like, and get mad at you for teasing her? If not, I advice you to go see a psychologist.

In a nutshell, I believe I am the minority (like 1 or 2% of the whole CS fandom) that actually gives a damn about how the writers develop the characters and write their stories. While most of you guys are fangirling around and say things like "My OTP is Charmia/Corllia/whatever sh*t! I LUV THEM!", "Oh, I hope my favourite character/ship gets the limelight in the next book!" (If you attack me in the comments section about this, you are more or less a pot calling the kettle black, although I am not really the kettle), I am the one who focus and care more about the less romantic side of CS. My final message to you fangirls is try to think and care less about the ships and get this plot twist: THIS IS A FREAKING EDUCATIONAL COMIC FOR CHILDREN, AND YOU GUYS ARE JUST OVER-EXAGGERATING. Apologies if I offended you or whatever, but just spend some time to think about what's written.