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Even though it is not my most favourite Charmia book, I still think this is a great development for their friendship, and also Charles' character development. (He is like, the most well-developed character in CS, and in my opinion, better than Candy JEM's ones)

This also shows the hard work Charles had put into his studies and turning over a new leaf. And Charles' rivals, Emilia, Joni, Richard and even Anthony put aside their rivalries with him and help him with his academic studies. Which is a scenario that would RARELY HAPPEN for rivals in reality. :P


In my opinion, this is the least interesting Charmia book I've read. Here's my rank of all Charmia books:

  1. Tiny Terrors, book 20
  2. Seasons of Blossoms, book 12
  3. Eveybody's favourite friend, book 3
  4. this book is here, least interesting...

Things I don't like about this book:

  • I really dislike the three bullies introduced in this, they are as annoying as hell.
  • I know that Mia is a likeable character in both CS universe and among the fans. But seriously, ALMOST every male character in CS liked her (except for Joshua). I mean like, the 3 bullies were awestruck by her fine appearance, the bulls**t level is high in this one.
    • This book make Mia look like the Mary Sue of getting liked (by males). Or basically the Mary Sue of everything good.

What I had stated r just my opinions, so please don't roast me. What do you guys think about Book 28? Leave your review in the comments section below.

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